Will Twitter chats help you succeed for real?

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Most people say Twitter is nothing but a bunch of useless gossip feeds. Entertaining, yes. But useful? Not some much. Or is it? Twitter is actually home to a lot more than just gossip and entertainment. It is a place of interaction and connection that makes our social lives a bit more colorful as well as informative. However, aside from that, Twitter is place of business tycoons aiming to be on top from brand promotions to freebie giveaways as well as chats that dish out a wide range of interesting discussions and topics.

Twitter can be steady step to success if you know what you’re doing, and don’t you forget it. In fact, here are some ways that Twitter chats can help give you that much needed boost in business.

Helpful Hand #1: Follower Increase

Communication makes people feel that they matter and the ideas they give out are being heard. Chatting with people and engaging them in a good interesting conversation makes them more interested to follow you. They do this not simply for the content but for the joy of interesting relevant interaction.

Helpful Hand #2: Community Building

Communities are great. They encourage not only interaction but also a bit of promotion on the side. But here’s the thing, communities don’t really form overnight. You need to take care and nurture them properly. You can do this via chats that can engage people to a certain topic which would lead to discussions branching out. It keeps things alive and moving within the community.

Helpful Hand #3: Brand Authority Promotion

Chatting about your product and entertaining questions is a sure way to expand your authority and influence over your product. This gives people the image that you know what you are talking about and would readily answer questions. You are an expert and people will learn to trust you over time. This speaks volumes for people who just literally learning their way through your product or service, get in touch with them and you’ll be sure to have good and loyal followers.

Helpful Hand #4: Relationship strengthener

Aside from the increase of followers, you’ll also notice a chance in your relationship with your current ones. Chatting promotes communication which in turns strengthens and builds one-on-one relationships. This not only applies to your customers but to your colleagues as well. Twitter is a social media site, make sure to take complete advantage of its main function if you want to succeed in this.

Helpful Hand #5: Information Source

Standard fact: Twitter keeps you in the know. It gives you trends, opinions, reactions and basically anything from a simple comment to a nice short critic. It gives you an overview of the industry you are currently involved in which is really helpful if you’re aiming to see what the public wants and thinks.

Therefore, if you’re aiming to get in touch with your customers as well as promote your brand using Twitter, it’s best to familiarize yourself with some tags. Examples include the following:

Human Resource department: #PeopleSkills (covers communication, teamwork, leadership and more), #HRTrends (keep yourself updated with the trends) and #TChat (a gathering of HR gurus)

Marketing Strategies and Content: #CMWorld (hosted by the Content Manager Institute), #ContentChat (content marketing talks) and #SEOChat (discussions on search engine optimization)

Development and Inspiration: #LeadWithGiants (leadership and business focused), #Mastermind (sharing on personal development and business building) and #smallbizchat (basically almost anything business-wise under the sun)

Networking and Management: #pocchat (Power of Connection discussions) and #PMChat (Project Managers sharing ideas)

So there you go, some tags to start up your chats and improve your business. There are specific times or schedules for each of these tags so make sure to look them up on your local time. So don’t be snob and get out there. Happy chatting.


elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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