Who will benefit from Pinterest and who won’t?

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Benefit from Pinterest

Pinterest is for girls. Pinterest is a waste of time. Pinterest is to collect recipes.

Yes, all above is correct, but wait a bit. If you still in doubt whether you need Pinterest for your specific business or not here are some thoughts from our side.

Read to learn who will benefit from Pinterest and who won’t.


Food, Drink, Catering, Restaurant, Bar, Shop, Fashion, Clothes, Beauty, DIY, Kids, Cars, Craft, Travel, Weddings, Art, Home and Garden, Fitness, General Health, Pets and Animals.

This list can be continued but if you found yourself above stop thinking and start collecting existing imagery. Take more photos and maybe organize some photo-shoots for your products or services. Pinterest is extremely visual and incredible rewarding for people who like to get creative and are passionate about the beautiful side of their business. There are a lot of small businesses who build most of their clients’ lists and audiences on Pinterest and you can be one of them. Good news – many unique images that you create for Pinterest can be used on other social media especially on Instagram which is also about images and aesthetics.

But what about more service oriented businesses? What if things that you do are not visual or attractive? Does a lawyer, accountant, copywriter, electrician or IT-consultant needs Pinterest?

The easiest thing is to say “no” and spend your time on other social media channels. But here are a few interesting examples of businesses that decided to give Pinterest a chance and succeeded!

A plumber and Pinterest
Even though it’s quite unlikely to get a lot of customers for a local plumber from Pinterest boards Mr. Rooter plumbing franchisee from Waco, Texas decided to give it a try. They created DIY board with simple tips how to fix easy things at home. The company thinks that it’s all about name recognition. Potential customers will probably not get to Mr. Rooter site via Pinterest or search for a plumber service there. But it is likelythat they will remember the name and next time when they need a plumbing service they might choose to call this particular company!

 An accountant and Pinterest

Vanessa Pyatt created a Pinterest board called Accounting nerd.   She shares accounts and accountants related jokes and funny pictures. Apart from building a good network of other accountant fellows who will most probably follow her board Vanessa can get quite a few clients. And all of it while having some fun in a field which traditionally perceived as boring!

Just think outside of the box and you will find suitable solution for Pinterest even if your business is not visual at all.

elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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