When to promote your Facebook posts

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when to promote your Facebook posts

Today we are starting a series of articles about the vast subject of Facebook for business and Facebook advertising. Definitely being one of the most important social media platforms for business Facebook has a lot to offer in terms of paid advertising and promoted posts. In general these types of advertising give quite high return on investment (ROI) when done right. Here are a few tips to know about Promoted posts and when to promote your Facebook posts.

What is a promoted post?

Promoted post on Facebook is a normal post that you first publish for free on your Facebook Fan page and after seeing its general performance with your fans you can decide to give it a push with a “Boost post” button in the right lower corner of the post. The post will then appear on the newsfeed of people who like your page, friends of your fans or you can choose a targeted audience yourself just like it’s done for any other types of FB ads. Unlike unpaid posts promoted post will have “Suggested post” written above it. The cost of a “Boost” can start as low as 5 euros for estimated reach of 700-2,000 people and goes to infinity.

When to promote the post?

There are a few simple logical factors to watch out for when you consider promoting a certain posts.

It needs to have some free virility meaning you should choose a naturally popular post and it will give you a higher chance of people liking and sharing it. Therefore wait at least 6-8 hours from the moment of free publication until the moment you promote it.

Performance – check how many people from your page fans liked, shared and commented on the post naturally. We recommend that you have at least 1-3% of all your fans taking action naturally on the post before you boost it.

Look out for the time relevance – the post has to be valid and make sense for at least 4-5 days from the date of a boost.

You have a little chance of getting any real results from simple status updates like for example “Today is our 6th anniversary, thank you for all your support!” You might get quite a few like for this particular post – both unpaid and promoted but this kind of post will never go viral and won’t be shared.

Make sure your post includes some kind of a call to action whether it’s a link to a landing or sales page, or you’re simply asking people like and share this post or like you Facebook page. If you don’t ask for something you won’t get it.

Always include a photo/banner or a video and/or a link to a site with your offer in a post that you think you might want to promote.

Even better strategy is a Question. Questions tend to give quite an average performance on unpaid posts but when boosted they usually have quite high response and get viral. That’s the power of interaction with your audience. Just make sure that you ask questions that are interesting and super-relevant to your audience.

Mix up your promoted posts, try different things with reasonably low budget first, see how people respond and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Tips to remember

When using a banner or a photo with the text remember that according to Facebook rules the text cannot be more than 20% of the photo. You can use Facebook Grid tool to measure this https://www.facebook.com/ads/tools/text_overlay

elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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