What type of Facebook apps will help your business?

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Facebook apps will help your business

Are you looking to do something more with your Facebook account? Have you considered using any apps? If you have but aren’t sure where to start, keep reading for a list of some of the Facebook apps to use.

Quiz and Polling Apps

People love being asked for their opinion. You can also benefit by learning what your customers want. Liven up the process with polls and quiz apps. SurveyMonkey, Woobox and Antavo are a few tools available to BETTER integrate your quiz or poll with your Facebook page.

Automatic or Scheduled Posting Apps

Sometimes it can be easy creating content, but difficult to post it at a time that your fans will see it. This can be fixed by using one of these tools to schedule and automatically post your content to Facebook: Hootsuite, Buffer and Post Planner.

Apps to Integrate Your Social Media

If your business is image rich, have your Pinterest Pins or Instagram photos posted to your Facebook. You can also link your Twitter posts so they post on Facebook instantly. Turn on this feature from your Pinterest or Twitter accounts or use apps that can do this for you including Pagemodo and Woobox.

Apps for Ecommerce

Since Facebook may be the first time a customer interacts with your business, why not integrate your storefront with your Facebook page? I don’t recommend that you neglect your website as the focal point of your ecommerce plan, but there are sites that can easily integrate your page to allow you feature products on your Facebook account. Some of these side include EasySocialShop, Shopify, ShopTab, Storefront Social and many of them allow you to create an ecommerce site too.

Contest Apps

Fans and followers love a great contest. You should too because they can be a fun and fantastic way to increase engagement or acquire leads. The thing you need to make sure of is that everyone complies with Facebook’s contest terms and the easiest way is to use an app that has Facebook integration built in (so you know they’re following Facebook’s rules). Check out Tabfoundry, Contest Domination, Offerpop, Rafflecopter, Easypromos or Wishpond to help you better integrate contests in your Facebook page.

Coupon Apps

Using Facebook Offers is one way to allow fans to get your coupons, but there are other apps that also offer means to get your coupons out there. Some of these include Woobox, Antavo or AgoraPulse. You may want to consider using an app if there are options to increase engagement for your Facebook account.

Apps for Statistics and Measurement

Facebook Insights work but they may not read the best way for you. If you want to see the data in a different way or track multiple social media platforms, use an app for statistics and measurement. These apps can access your statistics and analyze them in different ways. Some of these tools can be found with AgoraPulse, Simply Measured, Sprout Social or Socialbakers.

Facebook has come a long way for businesses but there is still value to be had from external apps. There are many companies that work to integrate ideas to better performance on Facebook but the ones listed above should give you a great starting point.

Do you use some of these Facebook apps? What part of your business do you want integrated with your Facebook account? Do ypu think that Facebook apps will help your business?



elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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