Want higher Twitter click through rates? Read this!

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higher Twitter click through rates

It’s easy to get discouraged when trying to market with Twitter. You may not be getting the number of RT’s you want, have a large number of followers, or get the click-through rates you need to successfully promote your business. Well worry no more: we’ve searched through a range of recent studies and found that there are fool-proof ways to get higher Twitter click-through rates! Here are the best tips to do this.

  1. Include Links

Nothing lets your followers engage more with your account than by sharing links. Try posting a tweet that includes a link, in addition to a description they can’t turn down. And more importantly, make sure the link is shortened. (Since character count applies here too!) Want proof that links work? One study showed that 92% of all interaction between users and tweets was because of a link.

  1. Recycle Tweets

In the Twitter world, it doesn’t matter who wrote it first. In fact, it was found that two identical tweets received almost the same exact click-through rate (140 versus 132 clicks). So if you find a great tweet, go ahead and recycle it.

  1. Get Your Timing Right

In the busy world we live in, you can’t expect Twitter users to be on their accounts all day. So if you want the best chance of getting a retweet, post when everyone is on their phone: between 10 and 11:00 pm EST.

  1. Respond ASAP

If you had a complaint to another company, you’d want to hear back from them pronto, right? The same applies to your Twitter account. Even if it isn’t a complaint, Twitter users generally expect some kind of response from you. 53% of Twitter users expect this response within an hour, and 72% if they have a complaint!

  1. Tweet About Twitter

Odd enough as it sounds, mentioning the social media site in your tweet has generally been shown to increase the click-through rate. On average, tweets referencing Twitter or another social media site received 22.5% more clicks than normal.

  1. Ask for Retweets

Worried that you’re not reaching out to enough people over Twitter? The solution’s easier than you’d think. Tweets that simply asked followers to retweet them actually were retweeted 23x more often than the average. Be careful how you phrase it though, since using ‘RT’ instead only increased the retweet rate 10x.

  1. Use Pictures

For the same reason Facebook thrives, Twitter is most effective when tweets include an attention-grabbing image. The click-through rate on tweets with a photo is 18% higher than those without. And not only that, picture tweets had 89% more favorites and 150% more retweets.

  1. Ignore Your Follower Count

If you’re concerned about your impact over Twitter because of a low follower amount, there’s no need to worry. The website Mention, when analyzing billions of tweets, actually found that 91% of all mentions come from Twitter accounts that have less than 500 followers. So go ahead, tweet with confidence!





elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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