Using Webinars for leads and sales

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using webinars for leads and sales

What is a webinar and why you need to be using webinars for leads and sales?

Webinar is an online meeting or internet conference that connects multiple people from all over the world at certain time. Webinars are often called live trainings or online conferences and normally feature a host/speaker and listeners. As a host you can talk to people using your web-camera, show slides or presentation prepared from befor. You can also share your computer screen and teach people whatever you are doing or show videos or mix of all the above.

Webinars are hugely popular for trainings and sales events especially in B2B market but can be used for any subject, market or topic. Since you are inviting people to listen to what you have to say it is crucial to make it interesting and useful. You can use webinars successfully to pitch and sell your product but you normally can’t do only that. Remember that people are here to get something they need, they don’t come to buy.

Unofficial online statistics say that most webinars have only 40% rate of people who stay till the end. Increasing this number is important and only can be done by preparing yourself and not being boring.

How to host a webinar

Allow time and space that is suitable for hosting a webinar. No one should distract you, there shouldn’t be any noise that can ruin your event. Your background should be decent and you yourself need to make some effort to look good. These tips might sound trivial but TOO many people are forgetting about these basic rules.

Prepare the plan, bullet points you’re going to talk about and any visual information you need to support your points – it can be images, slides, videos etc. Stick to your plan but remember to speak naturally.

To host a webinar you can use simple software like Google Hangouts or more professional software like GoToWebinar or AnyMeeting or ClickWebinar or any other similar service.

With any software it is important to make sure your internet connection is good.

How to promote a webinar

So now we need to make sure that you have people attending your webinar. Here are just a few tips to make sure you are not talking to yourself.

*Feature webinar on your site/Create a landing page for it

*Email your list of subscribers, remind them a couple of times before the webinar

*Post about your webinar on all your social media channels

*Use some PPC or Facebook/LinkedIn adverts to attract people who are not your subscribers or followers

You can make your webinars FREE – that’s how most people do it, but you might want to make people register for the webinar in order to attend. In this way you’ll have a better idea of numbers of potential listeners.

It is also a common practice to make webinar PAID but very cheap, for example 5-7 dollars/euros/pounds. This amount is not big enough to stop people from attending if they are interested. If they pay there is a much bigger chance that they will actually show up and listen to whatever you have to say.

Why webinars sell

There are a few psychological reasons why webinars sell.

First of all – you are connecting to your audience live. You can answer their question, address their problems and get their feedback in real time.

Second important point is that if people decide to dedicate their time to specifically participate in a webinar it’s increasing the chance that your audience will actually listen to your message.

Webinars create certain kind of commitment psychology. They remove a barrier and make people most likely to spend money on your offer.

Webinars help you to build trust and improve relationship with your prospects and existing customers. People are more likely to trust you if they see your face and hear your voice.

elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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