How to use Slideshare for business marketing

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Slideshare for business marketing

At first it may seem like an attempt to out-do YouTube, filled with all imaginable kinds of slide show presentations for your entertainment. But in reality, the hit social media Slideshare is one of the greatest tools any business can use for marketing nowadays. How to use Slideshare for business marketing? Not only is it easy and free to sign up for, but Slideshare boasts an astonishing 60 million views on its presentations per month.   All your company has to do is substitute the meme-filled presentations ever so common to the site with presentations that advertise your company and BAM: an excellent business marketing tool. Here are a few tips and facts to get you acquainted with Slideshare:

The Perfect Atmosphere

It may appear to have different intentions now, but the truth is that Slideshare was designed to help businesses advertise online. This means that most of the people who would view your slide shows are exactly the type of people you want to advertise towards: fellow businessmen. Also, Slideshare has a handy search option that lets users, well you know, search for topics to watch presentations on. But what is nice about this site’s search tool is that for the most part your content won’t get lost; most presentations posted on the site tend to rank high in the results of searches, mainly because there just aren’t that many people who’ve joined this social media site yet.

How to Get Your Slides Viewed

Some basic SEO know-how and an ample use of keywords will get you somewhere. But to make absolute sure that viewers can see your presentations, do these things:

– Have an excellent, attractive thumbnail image. More people than you’d think base their decisions on whether to watch a presentation on the content of its thumbnail!

– Take a look at the keywords your successful competitors have been using (and haven’t).

– Use popular, relevant keywords as the file name

– Also include those keywords in the title, description, and anywhere else you can (without over doing it), to take the most advantage of the search feature.

Grab the Audience’s Attention

There will certainly be business clients and competitors viewing your presentation, but the goal should be to reel in ordinary viewers also. To do this there are hundreds of creative methods, but here are a few good ones:

1. Create a “List Title”

The facts prove, lists work. Use a title like “Top 5 Women Leading the Fashion Industry”, and you’ll gain tons of views from people simply curious who those 5 women are.

2. Include “Insider” Info

Who doesn’t want to read about secrets? The tabloids realized this long ago. Grab your viewers’ attention by having your advertising slideshow focus on the secret to your company’s success. (But don’t give away anything actually valuable….just enough!)

3. Design Great Slides

This may seem like common sense, but it is also the most important to keep in mind: make a great presentation. Not only will your viewers actually take in what they’re reading and become interested in your product, but a great slide show will obviously get shared more often. This means more promotion, and more views, as your slideshow has the possibility to travel to all other forms of social media.

And Some Last Helpful Hints:

First of all, don’t forget that Slideshare is first and foremost a business-oriented website. And because of this, you should definitely post any presentations you make to LinkedIn also. Share your slideshow both on your personal profile and the company page. Then, if you have other business-oriented social media such as Twitter or Facebook, don’t be shy to post there too!

And finally, one of the best marketing strategies a Slideshare user can hope for is to be featured on Slideshare’s home page. Every day the social media site chooses a select group of presentations for this honor, which of course leads to a ton more exposure to all your content. But the best part is, getting featured is relatively simple: just follow the short list of judging parameters Slideshare has on their site, and you could be the lucky one that its editors hand-pick as the feature.

Do you use Slideshare for business marketing? Share your tips and advice in the comments below!

elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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