Should you use oversized images for your site and how do you do it?

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oversized images for your site

Should you use oversized images for your site? It looks so cool and trendy but it’s impirtant to know as much as you can before making a decision.

Over the course of the changing months, in terms of trends that govern the styles and layouts of web design, it seems the term ‘the bigger, the better’ – a.k.a. mega image design – has reached a successful standing amongst the hottest trends of webpage design. It basically involves the selection or use of large backgrounds, may it be a simple yet appealing photo or a captivating graphic illustration, as the main centerpiece or design of the page, forgoing the usual bits of pieces like moving .gif images and glitter. (Don’t ask.)


Most use or prefer this style in terms of web design because of its ability to give an impact. It’s a pretty picture that practically takes up a chunk of your screen. How in the world does that not get your attention? But aside from the obvious size, it also gives us a sleek sophisticated feel to it. The added use of simplicity also appeals to those budding minimalists.

Some might argue that it’s content that matters most, but why not have both? Let’s be honest, we are a judgmental bunch. We prefer to look at things that are rather easy on the eyes, both literally and figuratively. So yeah, content does matter but you need to attract your readers before anything else.


Dell. KinderCare. Google Analytics. Just to name a few companies who’ve decided to incorporate this style to amp up their web pages. And the results?

Dell’s contact page had an estimate 36% rise on form completion while Saloman, a French snowboard manufacturer who also used mega images design, gained a sales increase of 39.8% from the French market and a 29.7% with the global one.

In addition, the flexibility of this style can be incorporated to almost any type of blog. Using a large image and its ability to give emphasis or give a bit of a highlight could be adapted for tourism pages, inspirational blogs, anime sites and the list basically goes on.


In case, you do decide to use mega image design as your web design, here are some tips to get you started.

Tip 1: Choose your image.

Start with most obvious one, choosing an image. Easy, right? Wrong. Aside from the aesthetic approach where we all get nitpicky and have the ‘it looks fine but not perfect’ moments, we also have to consider the proper resolution because even though a high res pic looks good, it has a tendency to load slower than a snail. Therefore, moderation is key, in terms of size and resolution. Also, don’t forget to use original photos and if you do use stock photos make sure you got permission from the right people.

Tip 2: Do some testing.

What looks acceptable in your screen may not be so acceptable in others so make sure you test your image design on various screen sizes and resolutions. Also, don’t forget that due to the advancement of smart phones and tablets, most people prefer to use them nowadays rather than the usual PC, so it’s good to consider smaller screen resolutions.

Tip 3: Be careful with using center, tiles and scales.

Like it or not, it’s all about presentation. May you be simply the designer or the owner of the webpage, you have to present people quality work, hence, the reason why you should be careful in centering, tiling or scaling images because it may get distorted and/or pixelated and appear weird or unpolished.

Tip 4: Pick the right format for the right image.

Believe it or not, there is a difference when it comes to image formats. Should you use a .gif or a .jpeg? Those who are just starting to learn web design may not be familiar with this. So to cut it short, you should use .gif for simple graphics and texts, and use .jpeg for photos.

Tip 5: Explore

Do not limit yourself. If you’re in a bit of a bind and can’t get the right image, do some surfing to catch some inspiration. The world is open to many things and opportunities.


In all honesty, it’s all up to you. Why? You’re the designer. It’s your blog. You have the basic freedom to do whatever you want. But a little tidbit to add before this ends and we go on with our merry lives, those companies didn’t choose this design because they hoped it would work for them, they chose the mega image design because they were confident enough to know it would work for them. Just go with the design you’re confident and comfortable with.

elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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