Twitter Tips from Successful Brands and Companies

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Read our guide and learn Twitter Tips from Successful Brands and Companies.

Brand Your Profile
Start with your username (@username) which will be your Twitter URL. Use your business name or some variation of it that makes sense to followers and customers. Your profile also consists of a bio, avatar, and background images. Create a brand relevant profile that tells your story at a glance by choosing colors and images for these elements that represent your business, your brand and are consistent with your other marketing materials or sites.

Don’t worry, be active!
“Am I doing this right?”
  It’s natural to worry in the beginning about getting enough followers and having people like and respond to your tweets. As a result from all this worry, many people give up on Twitter fairly early in the game. Don’t! Be active on your account by posting content as well as reading and responding to other people’s tweets.

Have Fun With Your Followers
Lighten up! It’s fine to post links to pictures and videos or wish your followers to have a great weekend. These posts bring some personality and humanity to your brand.

Listen and Respond
Listening to the conversation is much more important than how many tweets you write. When you listen you find out what people are saying, what they need, what they like and what they don’t like. This can help you respond to your followers in meaningful ways to them. Don’t forget to respond and address any questions or comments that people tweet directly to you (@yourusername). It’s a way to show that your business is listening and that you care. People will be happy to be reminded that there really is a human on the other side of your tweets.

Mention, Retweet and Favorite
Every tweeter loves to get mentions, retweets and have their tweets become someone’s favorite. Ultimately, that’s what you want for your business tweets too, so do the same to others. “Retweeting”, or forwarding someone else’s tweet to your followers, is a great way to make social connections. It can often result in other people retweeting your content giving it the ability to be seen by even more people. It is also good to mention people in your tweets by including their @usernames if it’s relevant, like if you are answering their question. And don’t forget to use the “Favorite tweet” option to showcase tweets about relevant content to your business posted by other users.

Don’t Get Distracted
It is extremely easy to get distracted on Twitter (trust me!). Set a schedule for yourself that will help you stay focused when it’s time to tweet. You can even schedule what kind of content to post each day. For example, sneak-peeks on Wednesday and freebies on Friday.

Think Before You Tweet
You only have 140 characters to use so have a clear message you want to get across in each tweet. Think about who you are engaging with or whose attention you are trying to capture. Also, remember that your tweets should reflect your brands personality – it’s alright to be casual or humorous if it fits your business.

Use #Hashtags
Putting a hashtag (#) before a word or phrase will mark it on a specific topic. This is a great way to get into different conversations. Think about starting your own hashtag too and challenging your followers to use it. This can also be a great way to find out how people are talking about you.

Follow the Twitter tips from successful brands and companies to begin using your business Twitter account efficiently. Seeing Twitter success for business may take some time, but be consistent and don’t give up. Tweet, tweet, tweet!

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elena Sciberras

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