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The long talked-about and highly controversial method of advertisement on Twitter is – Twitter tailored audiences is here for us, digtal marketeurs. It is the perfect method of advertisement, taking into account the internet history of Twitter users when finding an ad to display in their Twitter feed. Here we’ve gathered everything you need to know about this groundbreaking form of advertisement Twitter tailored audiences.

What exactly is ‘Twitter tailored audiences’?

They are defined on Twitter’s official blog as “…a new way for advertisers to define your own groups of existing and potential customers, and connect with them on Twitter with relevant messages”. In English, this means that with tailored audiences advertisers can target specific Tweeters and advertise towards those who have already visited their company page. For example, if someone with a Twitter account had previously shopped at an online clothing store, that same clothing store could then post an ad in this person’s Twitter feed with the tailored audiences feature.

Why should your business use it?

First of all, tailored audiences givesyou a chance to market to customers already interested in your product. This type of involuntary tailored advertising has never been possible before, and therefore allows for tons of possibilities. One idea is to send out a ‘Thank You’ tweet that can be read by Twitter users who recently visited your website, encouraging customers to visit again. But tailored audiences also allow you to get new customers. Through a person’s search engine history, Twitter can gather enough information to target those who have Googled things similar to your brand or company product. These people who match your company interests would then receive tweets marketing your business to potential new customers.

How can your business use it?

To use Twitter tailored audiences, your company will first need to get both a Twitter Ads account and an Ad Partner account. Set up the latter first, which is the program that collects the data necessary for tailored audiences. Once this is accomplished, you have two advertising options. The first, called a Promoted Account, simply includes your business in a suggestion box that suggests your target Twitter users to follow your Twitter account. And the second option you have is to advertise with a Promoted Tweet. This means that a sponsored Tweet with the text of your choice will appear in your target audience’s Twitter feed and search results.

Is it a threat to anyone’s privacy?

With all this personalization based on your data and search engine history, many of you are probably wondering this. But the short answer (according to Twitter) is no. Twitter tailored audiences works by using cookie-mapping, which allows that Ad Partner account you signed up for to anonymously share a small portion of the Tweeter’s data, without transferring any personal information that could specifically identify you. Companies also have the option to share with Twitter their customer email list, which is then privately used to provide another list of users for the company to market towards.

Privacy paranoia aside, however, Twitter’s tailored audiences is an excellent and highly efficient tool that should not be passed up by your company’s marking department.

Have you used Twitter tailored audiences? Share your experience in the comments below.

elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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