Twitter Cards step by step guide

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twitter cards step by step guide

Do you think that Twitter is only reduced to 140 characters? Do you know that you can add a lot of potential to your branding through Twitter? You can use Twitter as a wonderful tool to promote your business or your products with Twitter Cards. Read our Twitter Cards step by step guide to find out.

Twitter card is a tool that let you add images or videos to your tweets only by adding some lines of code to your site.

Let’s use an example – you are trying to promote your new product. It’s not the same to write only “Try our new shoes”, than “Try our new comfortable shoes” adding an image with the shoes and also the entire description for this product. And of course, it won’t be the same for your customers, if they can retweet only text, or they can retweet also the description and the image.

if I failed to convince you, let me show you a picture!


You can use twitter cards to promote your products or introduce a new one, share videos or guides on how to. Most of us want to try or see the product in action in videos before buying it. Also you can use analytics to track clicks or retweets and see how much value is your content to your audience.

You can find more information regarding Twitter Cards analytics here

How can I setup these cards for my Twitter?

If you don’t have a Twitter Business Advertising Account, you should create one. Where?

Then you should setup your tracking. You can download your leads into CSV from Twitter Ads or you can integrate them to your CRM.

And the best part… How can I create my first twitter card?

Select “Cards” tab under Advertising into your Twitter Ads interface.


Click on Create new card where you can add a custom image, provide a short description and add a call to action button.

Do you want to add a photo collection to your Twitter? You can add them to the Gallery Card, embedding code on your website. Take it easy! It looks difficult, but we’ll give you some help!


Some important things!

You should add the card name in the first line of code.

You can add the photos, the creator, title and description and your list of images.

Do you want to highlight one photo?

You can use Twitter Photo Card and embed one image in your tweet. Your image will be resized across all the devices.

If you want to install Twitter Photo Card, you will need to use these lines of code:


Do you want to add a summary to your link?

You can add a short summary through Twitter Summary Card through this piece of code.


Are you looking for more engagement? You can use the Summary Card with large image (280 pixels wide by 150 pixels tall and less than 1MB). The immediate attention of your customers is assured!


And you will find the code below:


After implementing these codes, you should check them through the Card Validator Tool and submit for approval. It usually takes between 5 and 10 days for Twitter to approve the card if you have implemented the code correctly.

For the Card Validator process, you should login with your info and include all the information for your card, as you can see on the screen below:


Then you can preview your card and validate it through the Validate & Apply tab. You will need to include the URL for the website where you want to share your card. If this URL is valid you will be able to submit for approval. Then the last thing is wait!!

Twitter cards are a creative tool and also a cool strategy to show your products, images and videos and share them with your audience. I encourage you to use Twitter cards because is a wonderful marketing tool, which wide the possibilities offered by Twitter.

If you want to read more information regarding Twitter cards, you can do it through

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