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tumblr content marketing

Tumblr is a micro-blogging site that allows users to post video, audio, images, and short pieces of content. It is increasingly becoming a social networking hub as well. It’s becoming the place for business’ to tell their story and connect with potential customers. It’s a one stop showcase, catalog and blog. Tumblr was targeted as a fad for a long time, but it can no longer be ignored. Tumblr will surely hold its place for content marketing. Most business can use a Tumblr account to tell their own story and market their own content, but it must be done right in order to be effective. Follow the tips below to make your Tumblr and content marketing work.

 1)    It’s all about photos… and animated GIFs and video and audio! And text too. Images are the most popular content on Tumblr. GIFs, video and text follow and audio is also expected to show up more on Tumblr pages soon.Use this to your advantage by sending your content to the right social media platform. If you have a choice between image and video marketing content, post the image to your Tumblr page and the video on your YouTube channel, for example. Don’t be afraid to recycle content to make it more suitable for Tumblr. Video clips can be created into effective GIFs. Post photos you wouldn’t normally post on your website to your Tumblr page. Tumblr users are looking for these kind of posts so use this information to attract followers.

2)    Make an emotional connection. The best thing about trying to connect emotionally with your audience is that visuals do this best. So this is something that can be easily done via Tumblr. Create and share images that provoke an emotional response (think sunsets or a hand-holding couple walking down the beach). They say a picture is worth 1000 words. Use images that create this emotional response to market your business or product. People also love to share images and visual content which is another great way of getting your content out to the masses.

3)    Drive traffic back to your website. Create links to all of your social media accouts and your main website. As I said, post visual content to Tumblr, but don’t neglect your other social media platforms. By linking it all together, you stay relevant as well as drive traffic to your other sites.

4)    Showcase and share. Tumblr provides the perfect platform to highlight and showcase what is new. This can work for highlighting the newest trends or showcasing a new product line. Post tips, GIFs or videos on how to effectively use your product. Use great visuals to help make your content more marketable.

5)    Follow suit. It can be hard to keep up with all the social networking sites appearing all the time and it can be a challenge to know which one’s are worth your time and effort. Tumblr has a perfect platform for marketing content. Fashion companies are very popular on Tumblr and are doing a great job of marketing their content. Take notes from companies that are doing it right because Tumblr seems to have quite a dedicated following. Use it right and you can really market your content well.

Which social media sites do you use to market your business? Do you already use Tumblr or are you thinking of giving it a try to better market your business? If you have any tips on how to improve Tumblr and Content Marketing share them below.


elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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