Top-10 SEO mistakes

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top-10 SEO mistakes

Search Engine optimization (SEO) writing can be a perfect investment for your company if you want to increase your presence and audience, but it can be a waste of money if you fall for any of these common mistakes. Pay attention not to make any of these Top-10 SEO mistakes and you will be expert in this art!

Don’t duplicate content

Duplicate content is half a headache and half a waste of time. First of all, if you add duplicate content you are talking about you and your company, disappointing readers, but also you can be penalized by search engines. Google algorithms identify duplicate content or offending websites, so you have to be careful about that. Think that you are exposing your company and its quality and at the same time you are moving away to your audience because you aren’t providing value content.

Don’t abuse of keyword stuffing!

You can use one keyword density analyzer tool to size the quality for your article. Also you can try to read your article many times before publishing it to see how it sounds. Try to dedicate time to reduce this, because it can affect your search rankings! Don’t try to cheat Google! If you want to increase your rank, it is convenient for you to create one page by keyword and write content with quality and value optimized for that.

Don’t approve spam!

Some businesses have third-parties which are spamming websites writing comments with a link to their webpage. Try to keep the comments that provide value to your audience. You can also keep your site away from spam following the Google’s set of guidelines.

Avoid low quality content!

If you want to write regarding a topic, you should read about that before to have a solid knowledge and create content of value. It is very important to have clear the topics that your audience want to read about because that will guide you through the topics that you should post.  Also you should look for the keywords regarding that topic to build your content around that.

Don’t be obsessed with the design

The design is important but the quality of content is more! You should write content because that will represent you and your company, you should give informative content for your visitors and update it regularly! It doesn’t matter if your content will be published through a blog or you have some social media channel, your content will be a powerful connection between you and your audience.

Don’t try to get around Google

Don’t use hidden links or text. If you do that, you will violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and it is a trigger for penalties. Don’t try to post white text in white background, use your font size in 0, or write text behind images, they will notice.

Don’t buy links!

Buying links is a high risk for you because Google has a special team working on searching links with “high or irregular linking activity”.  If Google find you, it will de-index your website and it won’t appear in searches.

Avoid too many anchor text links!

Sometimes it is preferred to write less than more. Webmasters usually use this tactic to improve rankings, but personally I think that if you abuse from anchor text links you will lose audience and ranking instead of increasing it.

Don’t fall sleep!

You need to work every day if you want to increase your social media presence. Take time to post content constantly in your social media channels and build a bridge between your company and your audience there!

Don’t think that SEO is simple 

If you are thinking that SEO will give you results in short period of time, you are lost! Being SEO involves a solid plan, a constant monitoring, and a good result interpretation and measurement.

It is a passionate work that involves creativity, constancy and love for your company! You should have a clear knowledge of your audience, the topics that you should write about and the way to post them to increase your visitors and put you on the topic of the search engines results. Keep up with the Google updates but don’t get too worried about it, just remember to provide the highest quality content possible and rewads will follow!!


elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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