5 tips on hiring the best freelancers

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Tips on hiring the best freelancers

Your business is growing and you find yourself at the point where you need more help. Congratulations! Having your business take off is a great achievement, but it doesn’t mean you are ready to add the hassle or expense of hiring more employees. A great solution that is becoming more popular among business owners is to work with freelancers.

With the current economic climate, many experts are turning to freelancing to boost their income or as their only source of income. This is great news if you are looking for a freelancer because you can choose from a fairly large pool of people with the expertise you need for each job. If you feel that working with freelancers is the best way to meet the demand of your business, keep reading for 5 tips on hiring the best freelancers.

Find talent online.
The Internet is a great way to source freelance help. There are many websites that both host freelancers and will allow you to post a description of your project. You can browse from a pool of resumes as well as review resumes sent to you from freelancers interested in completing your job.

Work your network.
While searching online is a great start, do not neglect your professional network when looking for a freelancer. Many business owners or colleagues may have already worked with a great (or not so great) freelancer. A word-of-mouth recommendation from a colleague or friend should give you a pretty good idea of the work to expect from that person. So tap into your network to find some good recommendations.

Negotiate upfront.
Your freelancer may be working remotely so it’s important to negotiate and clearly define the project upfront. Negotiate what you will pay upfront and when you will award the rest of the payment. Set milestones and deadlines so that you can still maintain control of how the work is going. Don’t be afraid to critique the work by your freelancer so that they know what you want and you can be happy with what they’re producing for you. Draft a legal document that states that all work belongs to you (and make sure your freelancer signs it).

Cheaper isn’t better
Choose your freelancer based on their expertise and experience rather than the price they quote for your job. Look at samples and portfolios of potential freelance candidates to see that they have done project like what you want in the past. You will always find someone to complete a job for you within your budget, but that doesn’t mean they will complete it according to your expectations.

Understand that you and your freelancer are not exclusive.
It’s important to understand that you are not the only client for your freelancer. Unfortunately, they can’t be dedicated to you and your project alone. This means that they may not always be available or accessible exactly when you want them. Realizing this before you begin a project will go a long way.

The truth is, there are a lot of freelancers out there and it can be tough to find the best one for you. Even though your freelancer may be situated remotely, you will still be working closely with this person so it is as much about their capabilities and expertise as it is about a personality match between you. Remember, following these 5 tips on hiring the best freelancer will work to fill the void you have in your business without the long term commitment.

Have you worked with freelancers before? How did you find them? Add your own tips in the comments below.

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