Tapiture – the masculine Pinterest

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Tapiture - the masculine Pinterest

Meet the new picture sharing social network where you won’t find cute home designs, casserole recipes and latest outfit ideas. Tapiture – the masculine Pinterest!

Unless you’ve been living by candlelight for the past couple of years, chances are you’ve probably heard of a website called Pinterest. Although some only think of it as somewhere made up mostly of cooking recipes and wedding ideas, Pinterest has become one of the most popular picture sharing websites on the net with over 70 million users (July 2013). Picture sharing websites are where users can create an account and share their favourite things, products and ideas by – in the case of Pinterest – selecting their chosen item and “pinning” it to a board which they’ve created.

Tapiture is a fairly new picture sharing website and instead of targeting Pinterest’s market, they have opted for a different genre of picture sharing website. It’s no secret that Pinterest’s audience is predominately female. In fact, 80% of their users consist of women.

Brothers Leo and John Resig (founders of Tapiture) both felt that Pinterest didn’t offer anything that men liked or wanted and that they needed their own version of Pinterest. Actually, they made this point quite obvious by calling Tapiture’s early version of the site “Pinterest for Dudes”. The website was a hit and had 1.5 million unique monthly visitors within just 6 weeks of its unveiling. Their “Pinterest for men” target has been quite a success, as according to Tapiture demographics, males are overrepresented on this site compared to females (which I guess was the plan, right?).

In fact, there’s 50% less women using Tapiture than there are men. Although mostly male orientated, women shouldn’t be put-off by the masculine themes and top hat logo, as Tapiture does offer many topics which women can enjoy such as Hair & Beauty and Women’s Fashion, along with other unisex subjects such as Photography and Food & Drink. So maybe women shouldn’t give up hope on those casseroles after all?

A major use of picture sharing websites is that they can be used as a platform for people to find things they want to buy. It would be fair to say that having a male orientated picture sharing website for this reason would be a silly idea, as throughout history more women have shopped online then men do. The latest figures however show that for the first time ever, more men are shopping online than women and that they are outspending them by 20-30%.

In the first 6 months of 2012, sales of men’s clothing grew by 8.26 per cent. This is the largest growth in this category that has been seen for decades. By seeing these figures, it’s quite obvious that men want to buy online, and all they need is a website that shows them what they want to buy. Tapiture is what fills this gap in the market and makes buying very easy. On the homepage, its very appealing ‘shop’ button is easy to spot in the left hand corner, making searching, finding and buying a very easy thing to do.

Despite the fact  that Tapiture holds many similarities with Pinterest, it does have its differences in the way it operates and works for the user. Unlike Pinterest’s “boards” which you can “pin” things to, Tapiture only has categories and tags in which you can “tap” the images you want to save. Unlike its sister site, Tapiture supports motion images which can make the browsing experience a lot more fun and interesting for the user.

Tapiture isn’t the only “Pinterest for Guys” out there, but Tapiture has certainly become one of the most successful with its highly engaged and friendly target audience. Within just four weeks of its launch, it had more visitors than most of its competitors combined!

Although websites such as Pinterest and Tapiture may seem like they lean towards a particular gender, both websites take what’s most popular on their site and promote it. When thought about this way, it is clear that these websites are only male or female orientated as it is those who are using the website who make it what it is.

Have you used Tapiture? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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