Sure ways to find shareable content

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Sure ways to find shareable content

Are you at a loss for what to share with your social media audience next? Have you simply run out of ideas? Check out these 10 sources and find a steady supply of material to share with your followers:

  1. Klout

Klout is full of perks, and it’s totally free. Known for their system of social media ranking, Klout now offers discoverable content that can be readily shared with your audience. By analyzing your profile, Klout can also alert you to fresh content, “hidden gems” that haven’t been seen by your followers, and/or content that your audience is sure to love. Klout is also highly effective at helping you schedule the best times to post new content in order to increase your organic reach.

  1. SmartBrief

With more than 40 topics and over 225 different newsletters, SmartBrief is a reliable source that has something for everyone. No matter what your niche may be, you will likely find a newsletter on SmartBrief with just the information you’re looking for.

  1. Swayy

Swayy is another free site that you can use to discover and share the latest content with your followers. Swayy is a learning tool, meaning that it stores information about the type of content you share, creating a more posting efficient process over time. Swayy also connects to your social media accounts to provide you with trending stories or topics that are circulating among your network. With Swayy, you can credit original creators when you share content, while utilizing editable suggested hashtags in order to extend the reach of your posts. Swayy’s analytics tool will then help you determine the success of your posts so that you’ll know what you’re doing right, and what needs to be changed in future posts.

  1. Contentgems

For the lazier social media networkers and marketers, Contentgems is an invaluable resource. You can use Contentgems to discover new content to share with your followers, but this tool makes the process even easier. By choosing to receive digest emails based on your designated keywords, you can get all the information you want in one convenient and easy-to-access package.

  1. is not just another newsletter service. is unique in that it evaluates content that has been shared frequently by the people you follow on various social media networks and condenses it into a newsletter tailored specifically to your audience. If you know what sort of content is important to your audience, then you will have valuable insight into what you should be posting in order to increase your reach and number of followers. You can also choose to have send you several stories every day.

  1. Digg

This site has had its fair share of ups and downs. However, after a much needed reboot, Digg has incorporated a valuable and informative homepage filled with great stories. If you prefer it, Digg also offers the option to receive content via RSS feed. A new and unique feature of Digg is “Digg Deeper”, which collects the most popular stories shared by the people you follow on social media sites and conveniently shuttles it to your Digg homepage. You can then choose which content to share with your own audience.

  1. Medium

Medium offers collections of information on a wide range of topics, as well as lists of trending stories and topics. Medium also gives you the option to follow your favorite writers. By utilizing the people you follow, Medium determines the type of content that you might be interested in and sends customized content suggestions straight to your email.


If you prefer to browse content by focusing on a specific topic, is the site for you. This site’s daily top links list is not automated, but is managed by a group of real editors who scrutinize links that have been submitted to the site to bring you only the best content every day. generally publishes around five links daily, which you can choose to have sent to your email for your convenience.

  1. Panda

This site is a true visual treat. Panda scours a number of top online communities in order to collect the best, and most up-to-date, stories and images. Panda’s user-friendly layout is easy to navigate, making the entire experience of discovering content quite enjoyable. You can also choose to have new content emailed to you. And, in the interest of convenience and efficiency, Panda allows its users to browse content on a few different sites, all from Panda’s homepage.

      10. BuzzSumo

If you’ve been searching for a site that allows you to view the most-shared online content at any given time, BuzzSumo is the pot of gold at the end of your rainbow. All you have to do is type in a keyword, competitor, or topic, and BuzzSumo will generate a comprehensive list of posts, along with the number of shares each has received. Not only can you use this tool to discover the best new and trending content to share with your audience, but you can also input your own original post ideas in order to evaluate how successful they may be.

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