What is stopping you from being a great social media marketer?

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What is stopping you from being a great social media marketer

Being social media savvy is important for your marketing strategy. But are you suffering from mediocrity when it comes to your social media marketing skills? Read below for some of the things that may be stopping you from being a great social media marketer and how to overcome these obstacles.

 Obstacle #1: You Just Don’t Have the Time

One of the most common excuses reasons for poor social media marketing is lack of time. Maintaining a strong social media presence online is important for a successful marketing campaign. Do not let time be your excuse.

How to overcome this obstacle – use your time wisely.

  • Dedicate one hour of your time to your social media. It can be as little as this. And even as little as this can make a huge difference if you use the hour to the fullest.
  • Hire someone to manage your social media accounts. Find a freelancer that does have the time to spend posting and creating content. It doesn’t have to be expensive if you can find someone to give that hour or two each day to your social media. Just be sure to find someone who can be committed to you for the long term.
  • Do not stretch yourself over every social media channel. There are countless social media platforms but they may not all be relevant for your marketing strategy. Don’t stress about maintain a presence on every social media site and devote your time instead to developing quality content for the accounts that matter.

Obstacle #2: You Don’t Have Anything to Say

Do you feel like you don’t have anything to use for creating content? Your business doesn’t write a blog that you can repost and you don’t have any news to write about. Don’t worry – it’s okay if you don’t create fresh, new content all the time.

How to overcome this obstacle – repost industry content.

  • You can also tweet, post or blog about content that has already been published (just make sure it’s relevant to your business). This will keep your social media presence active.

Obstacle #3: You Don’t Know What Followers Want From Your Social Media

It’s important that the content you are sharing on your social media is relevant to your audience. Not knowing what your followers want to see from your social media can cause your presence to fade and fail.

How to overcome this obstacle – figure out what they want.

  • That may seem obvious, but it’s simply a matter of asking them. Asks followers what they want to hear from you. Create a Facebook poll or tweet questions to see what responses you get.
  • Check out your competition to see what is keeping their social media active. Find the content that created the biggest buzz and put your own spin on it to share with your followers.

All of the obstacles above that may be stopping you from being a great social media marketer are common. If you now realize that you are suffering from one or more of these obstacles, it’s time to address them. Overcome those obstacles to create success with your social media marketing. What is stopping you from being a great social media marketer?

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elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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