Stop ruining your sales – avoid these mistakes

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Stop ruining your sales

The act of getting good sales is a risky game to play. You need to have the right cards (products/services), know the rules (legalities) and have the sense to know when to fold (letting go of faulty marketing plans) and when to go all in even if you risk losing everything (guarantees). However, like all games, even with the right tools in your arsenal, you still run the risk of getting plagued with sales sabotages with you as the culprit. That’s right you.  But no biggy, what’s business without a few mistakes. It’s a learning process. So here are some mistakes to learn from and how to avoid them. What? It doesn’t have to be your mistakes now, does it? Read on to stop ruining your sales!

Mistake 1: “Optimization is too much effort.”

It takes work but it’s worth it. Optimization plays an important role when it comes to conversions and sales. Optimizing your site into being more mobile-friendly is a good start. Why? It’s because most people these days just use their smartphones and tablets to search things up in the web. How will they even bother with your site if it keeps crashing on them or if they can’t access it features properly?

Don’t be lazy, so do your split-testing if you want your rates to be better. Don’t forget to put a call-to-action on every page as well. Make sure that your buttons are in the proper color. Plus, make your font understandable and visible to the human eye.

Mistake 2: “I’m a bit slow.”

Don’t make your customers wait. Slow sites are never a good thing. You need to make sure that your site works in an adequate and acceptable pace. Do not compromise your speed and efficiency for something pointless. Function first before beauty.

Mistake 3: “Allow me to confuse you with these circles of pointlessness.”

When customers go to your ‘About’ page, make sure that they understand what you’re talking about. Most people just tend to scan rather than to read things word per word. Keep it short and simple. Yes, pretty words are nice but keep it to a minimum. Just give them a simple lowdown on what you’re offering and why should they avail it. Amp up the perks and keep them interested.

Mistake 4: “So it’s a tad complicated.”

Keep things simple and easy. Don’t make a site that works for you, make a site that works for the customer. They want to see what they’re looking for without the much needed effort or unnecessary clicks and fill-ups. They want things quick and easy. Give it to them.

People also don’t like dysfunctional sites. It’s like a foreshadowing of a possible buying mishap waiting to happen. This calls for de-bugging. It’s an annoying and rather tedious process but it’s very much necessary.

Mistake 5: “I can’t take this!”

Feedback is good, even the negative ones. Nobody likes to hear criticisms, even the kindly-worded constructive ones but we need to listen to them anyway. Yes, you’re allowed to mope but get over it and try to understand why this person thinks your services are inadequate and try to improve on that aspect. You can’t please everybody but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give them the attention and consideration every customer deserves.

As mentioned before, this is a learning process. You can have all the training and tips you want but there will come a time when things inadvertently happen. Hopefully, it’s not any of the five mentioned here, but unforeseen mishaps can still occur. It may be so small you won’t notice it or something so catastrophic you wonder what in the world just happened.

Just remember, it’s not the end of the world. Calm down. Get up. Fight. Learn.

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elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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