Starting a New YouTube Channel – 5 Ways to Get the Initial Audience

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starting a new youtube channel

YouTube is a video sharing website where users can upload, share and view videos. It has become the video sharing site to turn to for individuals or companies looking to share, advertise, promote or inspire. Are you thinking of starting a new YouTube channel or already have? Are your viewers trickling in at a glacial pace? Learn how to build an audience for your new YouTube channel with this beginners guide to YouTube – 5 Ways to Get the Initial Audience.

1) Plan your videos

Now that almost everyone can create and upload videos, even straight from their smartphone, it’s important that you stand out with quality videos that will make people want to return to your channel. Don’t just start recording and uploading. Create quality videos by putting some time into your planning before recording. Write a script that will help you stay focused on the content you want to share. Create a short but catchy introduction that will hook the viewer and keep them watching. And prepare an attention grabbing title that won’t be passed over.

2) Advertise your channel

Put all your social connections to work for you! Advertise your channel and new video releases with links on Twitter, Facebook or in your blog. Whatever avenue you take to advertise your new YouTube channel, do it wisely – don’t spam! Posting everywhere and anywhere can hurt your reputation and cause more harm than good.

3) Tag your videos

…but tag wisely! Just as you want to avoid spamming, do not over-tag your videos either. YouTube does not limit what tags you can attach to your video, but over tagging will cause your video to be lost in searches it doesn’t belong in. Use single word tags as well as multi-word tags (phrases) since that is how most people search. Be unique and specific with your tags to ensure that your video will appear at the top of a search (where it belongs).

 4) Be consistent, set a schedule

Let your fans know that you will be releasing a new video each week and stick to the schedule. It works. We are creatures of habit and people are more likely to return when they know a new video has been uploaded. Remember, quality over quantity. Viewers will feel the wait was worth it if you are consistently creating quality videos.

5) Annotations

Once you begin to attract viewers to your YouTube channel you want them to subscribe. Use clever annotations (notes within your video) suggesting viewers subscribe to your channel. You can also use annotations to link to other videos (perhaps on a similar topic, or earlier videos in your series) which can help draw viewers to your channel.

Remember, it doesn’t happen overnight, but following these tips for your new YouTube channel will help create a channel that viewers want to revisit. Make relevant content to your channel and most importantly, be consistent. Has this beginners guide to YouTube – 5 Ways to Get the Initial Audience been helpful? Good luck!

elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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