Spice up your blog with ideas from social media

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Spice up your blog with ideas from social media

It happens to the best of us. All writers experience writer’s block, that dreaded and seemingly insurmountable creative drought, from time to time. You may or may not have realized it already, but if you have a social media account you have all the resources you need to get those creative juices flowing again. Keep reading our tips on how to spice up your blog with ideas from social media! You can find new and exciting blog ideas by simply browsing the social media sites that you probably already use and in interacting with your network of friends.

Perhaps the most beneficial tool that you can utilize to keep your blog original and up-to-date is your online social network. And the beauty of it is that the relationship between blog and social media is a two-way-street. Share your latest (or even older) blog posts with your friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or any other social media channel you prefer, so that your audience can access it quickly and conveniently. In return, invite participation by asking your readers to voice their opinions of your content, or initiate a discussing by asking probing questions. Don’t forget to check back often and actively engage in the conversation to keep the ideas flowing. By doing so, not only do you build a stronger bond with your audience, you may also garner a few new blog subscribers. But how does any of this help you climb out of that writing slump? Every comment and topic of conversation has the potential to become a stimulating new idea for a blog post, so keep your eyes open.

Another great source of blog ideas from the realm of social media is the hashtag. No matter what the topic of your blog may be, someone, somewhere, is talking about it. By searching for hashtags and trending topics relevant to your blog’s subject matter, you can tap into a virtually limitless source of blog ideas. Hashtags are also now used on nearly all major social media channels, giving you a much wider range of possibilities than you may have had just a few years ago. However, if you prefer, you can search sites like Facebook for groups and pages related to your blog’s topic using keywords. By browsing through the sea of posts, pages, groups, and discussions that result from your searches, you are sure to hit upon enough blog ideas to keep your creativity going for quite a while. And when you finally do run out, just go back for more!

While you’re wading through all of the information produced by the above approach, be on the lookout for questions or complaints that pop up repeatedly. People tend to turn to major social outlets these days to vent and to ask questions that they want answered right away by people whose opinions they trust. These questions and complaints may be well within your knowledge base, thus supplying you with new blog material that serves the dual purpose of boosting your credibility and reliability as a writer.

Google Plus communities and Twitter chats offer the benefit of real-time discussions, giving you up-to-the-minute information on the topic of your choice. Additionally, they allow you the opportunity to interact with people who may never have known about your blog otherwise. By being sociable and joining in on chats and community discussions, you are not only being exposed to new ideas and information that you can use to create distinctive blog posts, but you are also very likely to expand your blog’s audience. In addition, social channels such as YouTube can be a valuable source of inspiration for developing new blog posts, even if you don’t feel comfortable being the star of a video yourself.

In the end, if you still find yourself at a loss while surrounded by all of this information, try resting your brain and enlisting the assistance of a guest blogger. Many successful blogs frequently feature guest bloggers, thus providing their audience with a new, unique perspective. If all else fails and you just can’t shake your writer’s block, extend the offer of guest blogging to the writers you know. Not only will their ideas likely be a breath of fresh air for your blog, they may just be the muse you need to get your creative engine firing on all cylinders again.

Did you find our suggestions on how to spice up your blog with ideas from social media helpful? If so, let us know, or share your tips for getting blog ideas from social media.

elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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