Socrates teaches us how to run adverts on Facebook!

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Socrates teaches us how to run adverts on Facebook!

If you have every tried to run adverts on Facebook, you will probably know that it is quite simply the most advanced and sophisticated way to generate a metric ton of website and social traffic. It can also be the biggest total waste of cash you every spent with nothing to show but digital clicks which are no use to anyone. However you do get nice graphs and reports that show exactly where your kid’s college budget went. But one thing for sure is..

“The only true wisdom is knowing we know nothing, and when it comes to Facebook then doubly so!” – Socrates

Facebook can be awkward and confusing and the advertising results can sometimes make no sense. So on that note I’d like a share a little test I ran the other day and perhaps you can comment your views and explanations below.

So I was running a little featured Facebook Page Post Advert to encourage awareness and Likes of Social Media Buzz. I had a quirky pictures of a man with a cardboard box over his head which I thought was worth a try to see the reaction. Here it is below, pretty simple right.

[PIC of Banner Advert]

So I ran these to 2 different groups of people:

Fans of Social Media Examiner, Facebook Marketing, Social Media Optimization.

English Language Speakers

One Version I ran in the Country of: MALTA

The other I ran in: The United Kingdom

Now although Malta is the other side of Europe from the UK, and in fact is nearer Libya that most other English speaking countries, it is in fact an ex British colony and has English as its primary business language. It has a British legal system, and they even drive on the Left hand (Correct) side of the road.

So I was amazed at the results. One advert was fantastic the same Identical Advert was a total disaster. Take a look at the results below before we do a post mortem.

UK Version of the Advert

Social Media Buzz – Page Likes – what stop you Inactive 1Page Like €3.48Per Page Like 5,382 6.41 1 0.003% €1.01 €3.48 €1.60CPM €0.10CPM


So take a look at the UK version of the Advert, 1 Page like after spending €3.48 on an advert that was shown to 5,382 people 6.41 times (That’s more than 34,000 times the advert was displayed). This means the advert had a click through rate of 0.003% (EPIC FAIL). Only 1 person out of 34,000 views through to LIKE this page. To make matters worse the Cost per Thousand Displays (CPM) of this advert was incredibly cheap at only 10 cents per thousand. Wow this is like one hundredth of the cent per advert display on the person’s timeline.


Malta Version of the Advert

Social Media Buzz – Page Likes – Image 2 Active 18Page Likes €0.17Per Page Like 753 1.50 23 2.043% €0.17 €3.00 AutoOptimized CPM €2.66Optimized CPM


Now let’s take a look at the Malta version of this advert. As Malta is small and only has a population of 450,000 people in the whole country then the target audience is very small indeed. But look at the results…

18 Pages Likes, for 0.17 Euros per LIKE after being seen by only 753 people an average of 1.5 Times (that’s 1129 Times in total) with a click through of 2.043% so that means 1 time in every 50 this advert got shown it resulted in a click through – Pretty good right. Even though the cost of getting to 1000 (CPM) views was a whopping €2.66 it still won out by 20 times over.



So at this point I stop the advert in the UK and look at running other adverts there instead. But what surprised me the most is how 2 Identical Adverts going to an identical Demographic in age, interests, language can have such totally radical results. Why would that simple advert be a massive win with the Maltese and a massive lose to the UK?

Once thing is for certain, to ASSUME in Facebook advertising makes an ASS out of U and ME

Always be testing, Assume nothing, try alternatives, test again, you will find your optimum route, and optimum result. Test, Retest, and Test some more and everything will be good. When you have the right solution then bring out the bigger budget and roll it out.

Let me know your theories on why Malta and UK are so different, by commenting below.

Jamie Mather

Jamie Mather

A Social Media and Marketing Expert. Jamie has built online businesses over the last 15 years in UK, Europe, USA, Russia and SE Asia. A Speaker Presenter and Trainer with a wide Offline and Online Knowledge his passion is helping Entrepreneurs, Small and Medium Businesses get the smart edge in this high tech marketing world. Drop him a line.

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