Social media trends 2015

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Social media trends 2015

It’s in with the new and out with the old this 2015 as we explore the anticipated social  media trends of the year 2015. Is vlogging still cool? Does Google+ actually have a chance in this competitive and entertaining world of social media? Is SEO really that important here? All these and more will be answered so stay sharp and take notes because we’re going on a trend analysis.

Is it time to ditch the book? More specifically, the Facebook?

As we all know, Facebook has long been sitting on the throne of popularity and engagement since it basically pushed MySpace and Friendster into the ditch of the forgotten. It has been a leading choice not only for connecting with your close friends and family but for business strategies as well.  

However, it seems the tides of fortune are beginning to shift and has unveiled new contenders for the most coveted throne. Visual medium sites like Instagram, Pintrest and Snapchat are fast gaining new users while Facebook seems to have reached a plateau and started to look unpopular to this current generation.

Google+: The amount of negatives is too high on this one

It has long been foretold that Google+ will most probably not amount to much. However, despite that, there are advocates and preachers doing their best to keep it alive. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, that rather morbid bit of prophecy seems to be on the road of fulfilment.

In fact, it has been foreshadowed by the departure of their chief evangelist Vic Gundotra as well as the failings of Google Authorship which could possibly lead Google+ into the ditch of the forgotten where the fallen social media sites lay at rest.

My phone is my life.

Smartphones with screen sizes of 4.7 and over are no longer a rarity and are on the fast track to being a commodity. So now, mobile users can easily access their internet accounts and are more prone to stay on the phone rather than the computer or laptop. This means mobile phones are starting to level up from being a secondary channel to a primary one.

Therefore, it you’re planning to make a site, a blog or anything viral. Make sure that it is mobile friendly.

Give me a signal.

As we all know, social media has been fast dominating the world with its trends and entertainment making it a very important influence in how we do things. Add this along with the nice healthy growth of the online marketing ecosystem and you get Google getting a dependency issue with social media signals for their SEO that used to be a different field all together.

Now, it seems the worlds of social media and of SEO are on the prospect on merging because of Google’s recent choices and actions.

To answer the previous question, of course, it’s still cool!

Vlogging and YouTube has become a very large part of our online surfing lives. This is especially true for those within the age range of 18 to 54 years old which if you think about it, is a pretty big reach with lots of engagement potential.

It has opened up a different ways to infiltrate the market because these present a more genuine and personal approaching to things making it less fake and more like an honest to goodness suggestion. Famous YouTube stars are like a landmine of exposures and advertisement, and only a fool would deny that.

It’s time for B2B World Domination.

Unlike Facebook who is currently at a possible standstill, LinkedIn still holds its reign over the business to business (B2B) social network and will most likely still be able to keep its position this 2015. In fact, an estimated percentage of 88 of B2B marketers are already using it with the numbers still growing. Also, its publishing platform sets it apart from other social media sites making it more unique and catered to its own audience.

Keep out.

Personal privacy has always been and still is a battle for social media. Especially with jerks who like to use their hacking skills for evil. No one likes their privacy being divulged into the world which why posting things in social media sites has always been a bit of a risk if you don’t want the wrong things being seen by the wrong people.

With these threats to personal safety and privacy, social media sites have devised their own ways of keep people out. For Ello, it took on an advocacy to its users that they are not products and that the company would never sell its user data for money.

In the case of Snapchat, Whisper, Telegram and the like, they allow their users to chat or converse with their friends privately as well as having the ability to remain anonymous while conversing with people you don’t really know.

And there we have it folks, the social media trends of 2015 to keep you updated and alert of the trends to come.

elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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