Social media statistics 2014 – the latest overview of the social media world

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social media statistics 2014

The year 2014 ends with a bang. And by bang I mean, a bang of trivia and information to note down. May it be for the simple purpose of being curious or research, these fast facts on the social media world will give you a nice overview on the past to deal with the present and most probably adapt for the future. Here are the most important social media statistics 2014

Facebook: Let’s face it

Okay, who doesn’t know about Facebook? Raise your hands. And now, prepare yourselves for a number of 1.19 billion users and more who are currently judging you because how is that even possible. Facebook has a global online population of 38.6% where 95% of its population logs in daily and 73% of the users log in via mobile making the reach of its mobile app up to 69%.

In fact, Facebook has 68% share time on mobile devices. Now, one may conclude that this social media giant may be growing like crazy. Not exactly, it’s overall grow has slowed unlike its rivals that are still increasing their users. But on the bright side, Facebook engagement is still growing unlike the rest that shows little change.

Pintrest: Pin it up

Are you looking to better your Pintrest experience for the next year? Then hopefully these little tidbits of information will be of help in your quest for success.

Okay, first off, Pintrest is most dominated by women. They are a whooping 42% as compared to the men who got a measly 13% when it comes to using the platform. So if you’re aiming for a female target, this social media site might just be the one.

Another helpful hint is that the social media site is more active during the evenings and that the 70% of pin clicks happen within the first 48 hours. Pretty nifty for those who are vying for viral status, don’t you agree?

Instagram: Instantly glamorous

Instagram, like Facebook, has always been widely popular. While Facebook has more of an adult audience, Instagram caters to the generation of today, giving us all an estimated number of 55 million daily photos that has the capacity to reap an average of 1.2 billion likes from all over the world, which is quite expected since about 49% of the total Instagram population use the app or site every day.

In fact, the US population of Instagram users takes up 40% of the Instagram population. Also, 53% of young adults ranging from ages of 18 to 29 years-old that go on the internet are also using Instagram.

LinkedIn: Link up

Did you know that internet users who have attained college level education now use this site? A rough estimate, you ask? Fifty percent, this is quite a first for this social media site. Also, as an additional bit of info LinkedIn had an 80% year on audience growth with 40% of its users opting for the premium package.

Twitter: Tweet me up

If you think of Twitter, you’ll probably think of the celebs and friends you are currently following. But are you aware that aside from the entertainment industry, Twitter also has an arsenal of business-minded individuals like C level executives, business decision makers and of course, 83% of those that made it in Fortune 500 that makes up for its population.

Said population is a total of 250 million and growing, sprouting an estimated number of 500 daily tweets in total with a number of 284 million Twitter users who are active monthly.

So there we go – a brief overview on the social media world of 2014. The following information was taken from the following: Social Media Strand, Statista and Pew Research Internet Project.

elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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