Please your customers with these social media marketing techniques

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please you customers with social media

Social media has become an integral part of any business. It is important to post and interact with your customers via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and your other social media accounts, but do you tell your customers how much you value them? It is always nice to hear how much you are appreciated and your customers want to hear it from you too. Keep reading on how you can please your customers with  social media marketing techniques.

 #1: Say Thanks

Seems simple, right? It is a simple gesture that can often be overlooked, but saying thanks to your customers publicly through your social media accounts makes them feel special. When you hit a milestone in your company, share it with your fans and followers that helped you reach it. Don’t be afraid of getting excited and sharing that with your customers. Sending virtual thank you cards or posting a thank you to your fans through your social media will be appreciated.

If you can personalize those posts, even better! Insert a users Twitter handle, for example, to individualize the response. This kind of personalisation will also help to humanize your company to your customers.

#2: Boost Participation

Every relationship (whether online or offline) is about give and take. Encourage your customers to participate and engage with you. This can be done simply by asking questions and encouraging your customers to reply. Inspire them to share with you by adding a specific hashtag to boost participation.

Also consider running a campaign to donate goods, services or money to local charities or organizations that need help. Whatever you have to give will mean a lot to both the organization you are helping as well as to your customers. Let them know what your charitable aims are and how their participation can help you reach your goal. This kind of appreciation from your customers will feel really good too.

#3: Promote Personal Stories

It’s important for customers to know that they are interacting with humans in regards to business. Share stories about your corporate events or highlight various employees. You can also draw a lot of attention to your business by becoming a platform for others to share personal stories. (Think about having people share stories about how great their mom is as mother’s day approaches.) This will pull at the heartstrings of customers and give them a larger community to share their stories with. Promote this kind of sharing by prompting customers to post their pictures, stories or videos on your social media accounts.

#4: Own Up To Your Mistakes

No one is perfect… Not even big businesses. Customers know this and don’t expect perfection (at least not all of the time). What they do expect is that you will own up to your mistakes. There are several areas of your business where mistakes could happen. Don’t let people ruin your reputation by getting away with Tweeting or posting about why they’re unhappy. Make sure you reply to them with an apology. You could also send them a gift or give them a coupon to try and retain them as a customer. Everyone makes mistakes and what will make you stand out is showing customers that you value and respect them.

#5: Shout-Outs

The best customers are loyal customers. I am sure you have a great business plan in place to retain and reward those valued customers so why not make it public? Take some time to use your social media accounts to send shout-outs to your loyal customers. You can tweet directly to people who have used your hashtags or comment on those that wear your brand and post their pics to Instagram. Make your customers feel like celebrities while they promote your brand for you. It’s a great way to network and makes your loyal customers feel really special.

 Social media platforms are a great way to get your brand recognized as one that cares and values loyal customers. Make them happy and do it publicly. Did you like our 5 techniques on how to please your customers with social media? Share your tips in the comments section below!
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elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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