You can schedule posts on Instagram easily – here is how!

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schedule your Instagram posts

The Instagram Generation. Whether you view it as a complement or not is up to you. Nevertheless, it doesn’t really change the fact that Instgram has become a large part of most people’s lives. Yes, there are actually a small minority of individuals who does not use this app but let’s focus on the majority here. Instagram has always been a great way to document or share parts of your life to the world. It’s like being a celebrity with you bringing along a built-in cameraman on your phone. It would be great if you can document everything in real time but let’s face it, the world is not perfect and a lot of factors can hinder you. Therefore, we opt for the next best thing.  Scheduling. In fact, here are some awesome tools to aid you if you’re willing to invest and fully maximize your Instagram experience – learn how to schedule posts on Instagram.

Tool #1: The Adviser (Takeoff)

Remember the Unfollow app? Well, this particular app is actually part of it. Okay, we all know that this thing is a tool for scheduling. Granted that it doesn’t post things for you and that it is not equipped with the magic of photo editing, it does give you lots of nice hashtag suggestions as well as tips on what time is a good time to post your photos for your followers.

But what of the photo editing? I need to edit my photos. Worry not, it has a compensation of allowing you to open it on Instagram or a different photo editor.

See, it is really easy to use and allows you to use multiple Instagram accounts under it was well as team members (if you have any, of course). What’s more, it’s free but if you want to go premium the price can go up as high as $9.99 and more.

Tool #2: The Social Butterfly (Instapult)

One notable feature on this tool is that it can invite other administrators to post giving you a chance to connect to more people as well as manage multiple accounts if you’re the type that likes to post things for a specified audience.

It only does single-image upload but it comes with photo editing features as well. The sign up is free with a weeklong trial period and a monthly maintenance fee of $12. It also offers a premium package.

Tool #3: The Pacemaker (ScheduGram)

This tool is really handy for those who have multiple accounts and seek to pace and organize themselves to avoid mistakes when posting.

In addition, aside from scheduling its features also consist of photo editing such as cropping, retouches and effects once you upload the image. After giving your image the most desired pizzazz, you can go on to the next step which is the scheduling. You’ll eventually receive an email notifying and requesting permission to post the photo.

This baby costs about $13 per month with a seven days free trial.

Tool #4: The Reminder (Latergramme)

Did you ever have that post you wanted to post but forgot to post it? Or even worse, that post which you regretted posting and allowing public eyes to see?

Well, this tool might just be the one for you because despite its ability to schedule and organize your photos from both a browser and a mobile iSO app, it cannot post the photos itself and rather just reminds you that you need to post a certain photo at a certain time.

For this, you have a free sign up with a fee of $9.50 per month with premium and business accounts available if you’re interested.

There you go, some of the best Instragram scheduling tools the technological deities have to offer. Granted some of these are bit pricy but let me just me remind you how great these tools are for traveling, conferences, strong bouts of creative boredom and many more. Enjoy.

elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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