What ruins your social media tactic – 10 things to stop doing now

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Chances are you have every social media outlet under the sun “working” for you. That’s right, “working”. Well, are you really seeing an increase in your traffic or sales?  If not, it’s probably because you are still using something that isn’t working for you. Do you want to know what ruins your social media tactic? Here are 10 things to stop doing now.


  1. Stop posting content whenever you feel like it – Yes, it’s important to post but stick to a schedule.  Your customers may not be awake at 3am when you finally have the time to blog or post. Create a realistic schedule. If you need help, use a scheduling tool to help you post content at relevant times to your customers (no matter when you write it).


  1. Stop direct selling – Stop posting links to buy things from your social media accounts. You’re turning people away! The aim of your social media sites should be to boost traffic to your main page, which, in turn, can be used to sell you, your product or services.


  1. Stop hunting for followers – Engage with your customers. Social media outlets are not only looking at how many people follow you, but how people are engaging with you. So engaging with your customers via social media is the real key, not just how many likes or followers you have.


  1. Stop the shameless promotion – You have social media accounts to sell yourself or your product. This is true, but stop shamelessly promoting yourself. This will not translate to fans, followers or sales.


  1. Stop using the wrong platforms – There are countless social media platforms out there, but that doesn’t mean they are all right for your business. Drop the platforms that don’t work for your business or your customers. Spend some time researching what platform your typical customer is most likely using and spend more time developing this social media platform for your business and forget the others (at least for now).


  1. Stop avoiding analytics – One of the best ways of finding out what is working for your social media is to studying the analytics that are provided to you. Do you know how many new followers you have or what amount of traffic to your website is from which social media platform? Analyzing your analytics doesn’t mean that you have to be an expert at deciphering every piece of data, but understanding and tracking a handful of metrics is key.


  1. Stop spamming  – The last thing people want is another email to send to their spam folder. If you haven’t built a relationship with a potential customer before you start sending them emails, your message will never see the light of day. It’s fine to take information, including email addresses, from your visitors but use it wisely.


  1. Stop overcomplicating things – Your social media content will work best for you if it is easily understood by the widest audience. The most liked and shared content is often the most readable. Remember to keep posts simple and use language easy to read and understand.


  1. Stop ignoring your followers – Don’t forget the “social” in social media! Part of the reason your business has these various platforms must be to engage with your customers. Retweet, like or write back to follower’s posts. Create a discussion and actually follow how people respond. You will be surprised what an impact this can have.


  1. Stop sweeping things under the rug – No one is perfect and that includes you and your business. Don’t forget to address complaints or bad reviews through your social media as well as the good stuff that your business has done. You will be defined by how you handle complaints or negative replies via your social media. Potential fans and followers are always paying attention.


Your social media tactic  is probably making one or two of these common mistakes. By following this list you can revamp your social media tactic and be sure to see a difference.

elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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