Mistakes that ruin your conversion rates

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ruin your conversion rate

Within the past ten years we have seen easy to use platforms for website creation become more popular. The ability to build beautiful websites has become possible without knowing any coding. Although this is great for anyone who wants to experiment on their own, it cane come at a price. A warnings if you fall in the category of people above – your website creation may   ruin your conversion rates!

 You’ve created a website because you want to reach out to consumers and ultimately, convert them into customers that are meeting your website’s goal (purchase, subscribe, donate, etc). Therefore, as much as the ascetics of your site are important, the most important thing you should be concerned with is whether your site is successful in converting visitors. Keep reading for a list of mistakes that ruin your conversion rates and easy fixes…

1. It’s not always about looks

Get visitors to buy, not browse. Although it feels great to have users oooh and awe at how nice your site looks, don’t turn it into a browsing paradise. As a small business owner, you can’t afford to have people browse your website, you need them to buy from your website.

In order to achieve this, your site should be sales-oriented. You must use each part of your site to take visitors through your sales pitch from start to finish in order to convert a visitor to a customer. With this approach, your aim is that a customer leaves after buying a product or service, not after they’ve finished window shopping.

2. Rethink the next best thing

There are many applications for upgrading your site with widgets and plugins – too many to name. Don’t be too quick to jump on every bandwagon when it comes to add-ons to your website. It is possible that not every new app is right for your site. It is entirely possible that the newest application could be hindering your visitors experience, which will ultimately result in lost conversions.

Evaluate anything based on whether it will effectively facilitate conversion for your target audience. Then, if you do make any additions or changes, carefully monitor those over the following weeks of launching them to see if they really work for your site.

3. Bigger is not always better

Images are very important to your website design and a great way to attract today’s visual readers. The most attractive of images are usually big, averaging approximately 320 KB.

Wondering how this relates to conversion rates?

Well, although image quality is important, by adding a large quantity of big images, you will increase the time it takes for your website to load. And quite simply, low upload speeds on your site will absolutely ruin your conversions.

In order to avoid this while still being able to use those attractive images, keep their size to around 1366×768 pixels.

4. Whatever you do, the copy matters

Even if you’ve got a beautifully designed site that loads fast and has great images, this doesn’t guarantee conversion. People don’t buy things based on visuals alone. Consumers will read your copy.  Your copy should be your entire sales package rolled into one – your pitch, presentation, and close (meaning successful conversion!). If copy writing isn’t your forte, it may be worthwhile to outsource this task.

At the end of the day, don’t forget that you are in business. You need to sell your products or services and your website needs to produce conversions to achieve this. Don’t make the above mistakes to ruin your conversion rates. Instead, take note of how these mistakes can be easily fixed to start meeting the goal of your site.


elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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