Rethink your Thank you page for better results

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Thank you page for better results

Do you have a thank you page as part of your commerce website? That’s great if you do, but perhaps it’s time to rethink your thank you page for better results. The goal of a thank you page is, of course, to thank your visitor or customer and remind them that they are more than just a consumer to you. But it’s not limited to that! Thank you pages have been used to turn consumers into loyal fans and followers of your brand.

1)    Primary thank you response.
This refers to the standard thank you message as well as links to or instructions of what your customer should expect next, like shipping times, etc. Make this information obvious. You don’t want your customer to loose their excitement by having to search for this information.

2)    Sharing what they love.
People enjoy sharing things with their friends that they believe are useful or a good deal. Make it easy for people to Tweet, Like or Share their recent activity on your site with their friends and followers. This could easily turn one happy customer into the potential for many more without any additional advertising dollars.

3)    Show off! Why not show off some of the testimonials or awards you’ve received. This is a great way to establish more credibility with your customer. Don’t be shy, let your company shine!

4)    Provide contact information with next steps.
Don’t make your customers search all over for your contact information. Likewise, if there are steps that should be taken after their order or registration, outline them on your thank you page. It’s okay to make these messages more personal since you have already started a relationship with your customer. Follow up with a personal email or message to let them know that they are dealing with a human on the other side of each transaction on your site.

5)    Bring on the bonuses!
Do you have some videos, case studies or other media that you aren’t sure what to do with? Include it on your thank you page as a followup for your customers to enjoy. Whatever you have, they didn’t sign up for it which means they weren’t expecting it. This additional information or material will add some excitement.

6)    You need a thank you PAGE.
If you have a pop up thank you message, you are loosing the chance for including all of the above elements. It may be the last point on this list, but it is the most important one. A pop up message does not leave room for sharing, showing off, providing information for next steps or bonuses. Don’t let these opportunities pass.


It’s surprising that by rethinking something so simple can convert into even better results. Remember, a visitor has clicked through your marketing ads and maneuvered through your sales system and has now purchased something from you. Great! They’re already engaging with you. Now don’t loose this chance to take advantage of these customers who are at their peak of interest in your company.

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elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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