Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Social Media Strategy and Implementation

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The biggest wish for every marketing department of any business is an endless budget and an unlimited amount of time to spend on social media. Unfortunately for us all, this is not the reality for most businesses. Many businesses have a marketing person, not a marketing department, and that person operates on a limited budget, not an endless one. In these cases, outsourcing your social media strategy can be a great way to extend your budget and time. Is outsourcing your social media strategy and implementation a good idea for your business? Read Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Social Media Strategy and Implementation below to decide.

PRO: Creating more time

All social media outlets are important, and the minutes it takes to post even as little as once per day can add up. One of the biggest advantages to outsourcing is the extra time that is created for you to focus on other things that matter. This time can now be spent focusing on other important aspects of your business, like sourcing leads or strategizing advertising plans.

CON: Trust issues

With outsourcing, you trust that someone will post or respond to customers and fans as you would, but the fact is, they aren’t you. To overcome any trust issues you may have of giving up control of your social media voice, set meetings with your outsourced team to go over your goals and aims. Raise any issues with them that you have seen in their posts or replies immediately. Like any relationship, communication is key.

PRO: Making your business visible

By outsourcing, you are gaining access to a team of people that will be working for you. This increase in “employees” can have a greater impact on making your business visible in the world of social media. A team of people can post content more often and reply to comments much faster.

CON: Keeping your voice credible

With a team of people working away from your office, you are bound to get a variety of voices and styles. It is important to maintain your social media voice and portray yourself as one entity, regardless of how many people are posting for you. To overcome this, provide your outsourced team with key words or phrases that you use or have them submit posts to you for review in the beginning. As you develop your relationship with your outsourcing team, it will become easier for them to mimic your style so your social media outlets stay credible.

PRO: Priceless expertise

By outsourcing you are gaining expertise of an entire team of specialized consultants. The knowledge and experience your business can gain from this team can be applied to your own social media marketing campaigns and methods. The expertise you can gain is priceless.

CON: Losing control

Outsourcing your social media strategy and implementation can create a feeling of losing control. By putting space between yourself and your social media accounts it can be difficult for planning and implementing marketing strategies. The simply solution for this is to keep some of your social media management in-house. Find the social media outlet that your office employee excels at and keep the management of that in-house. This will provide a personalized voice to your messages and give an example to your outsourced team.

Are you thinking about outsourcing your social media strategy and implementation? How did this list of pros and cons help in your decision to outsource for your business?


elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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