Promote your content and page on Google+

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promote your content and page on Google+

In marketing Google + is more often than not shunted off to the side, hidden behind social media giants like Facebook and Twitter. But the truth is that for advertising, this site can be much more useful than you’d think. Whether it be your blog, personal website, or company page, Google+ has the available setup and features to make sure your business promotion efforts are a success. Read our simple guide on how to Promote your content and page on Google+.

Why Does Google + Work?

First off, one of the main reasons why Google+ is great for content promotion is the fact that it’s run by a search engine. This means that a Google search done for a keyword related to your page is much more likely to show the related Google+ pages at the top of the search results. Facebook and Twitter, meanwhile, don’t have this advantage.

Now That You’re Hooked…

It should be known, however, that simply having a Google+ page will not guarantee the future success of your content. That’s why we’ve put together this list of tips and hints to follow to get you on the right path:

1. Make the Best of the Hovercard

The main thing that Google+ users can see when deciding whether or not to circle (the Google equivalent of “follow”) you is your hovercard. Which means, to get all the followers your company page needs you have to ace your hovercard setup. One trick is to hack the inclusion of a small biography: go to the employment section, click on ’employment’, and instead of writing something like ‘self-employed’, write out a couple sentences selling yourself and your business to potential followers (think a Twitter bio).

2. Complete and Perfect Your Page

People on any social media site will stop following a page if they are not impressed, and the same goes for Google+. You can avoid this by filling out every detail you can when putting together your page. Include lots of pictures, company logos, a business description, contact information, and especially links to your website or blog. Also make sure to take advantage of the photo strip on your page, adding colorful, eye-catching photos that also promote your content.

3. Use +Mentions

If you didn’t already guess, these are the Google equivalent to the @Mentions we see on Facebook and Twitter. By using these +Mentions on Google+ to mention people and pages, you are also promoting yourself, since searches done for the pages you mention will show your posts in the search results. This is also a way to branch out, getting those pages you want to notice you to finally do so through your +Mentioning of them.

4. Host Google+ Hangouts

This is perfect for the promotion of a larger company website. Long story short, Google+ Hangouts is a video chat with your followers. A great way to promote your company as one that truly cares for its customers would be to hold daily (or weekly) Hangout sessions, where customers can have their questions answered face to face rather than through an 800 number or chatroom.

5. Review Your Progress with Ripples

This is perhaps one of the most useful and interesting features for content promotion on Google+. Simply put, Ripples is an interactive graph that lets you see how many public shares your publicly posted content has received over a certain length of time. This gives you not only an idea of how your content has spread over Google+, but it also lets you see the exact people and pages who are most often sharing your content. Hint: build a separate circle just for these people who are your prime content sharers, and cultivate them to watch your impact and overall internet promotion succeed.

Did you like our tips on how to promote your content and page on Google+? Share yours in the comments below!


elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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