Promote your party or event with social media the most efficient way

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Okay, so you’re planning a shindig and want to invite everyone, but let’s face it, invitations are so passé and ultra uneconomical. Who uses written forms of communication these days anyway? Get with the times, it is the 21st century for goodness sake, and focus on some more efficient and cheaper methods of getting the word out.

In other words, it’s time go digital. Social media has always been a great tool to meet new friends and get in touch with old ones. It is one of the best methods for business and advertising as well. So what better way to spread the good news than by using such great tools like Facebook, Twitter and so on.

In fact, here are some tips on how to promote your party via social media.

Tip 1: Consider proper pacing.

It is important to give set your event at a proper time, posting the event online three months prior to the official date for example, is a good way for you to have enough time for preparations as well as giving your guests a hefty amount of time to rearrange their schedules to make sure they would not miss it.

Not to mention giving you more than enough time to bring up the hype and anticipations by giving people a few sneak peeks and the possible prizes to be won if they participated.

Tip 2: Use Everything in Disposal

Do not limit yourself to one social media, while Facebook and Twitter are great ways in displaying creative event hashtags, learn to spread your event planning wings and take on other social media sites like LinkedIn and Google Plus. Just makes sure not to overdo it, people might get annoyed and flag your post as spam.

Tip 3: Let’s talk about the benefits

Here’s the thing. Aside from making your event or party great, you need to convince people why the need to go there.

How? Offer an array of benefits that would make them feel like complete fools for declining the invite or for being too much of a penny pincher for not buying a ticket. Give them sneak peeks on the venue decorations and food. Go ahead and be creative, push those thinking caps to the test.

Remember, the crux of the matter here is, you need to make them want to go.

Tip 4: Keep them talking

When I said, use anything in your social arsenal, meant it. Aside from shares and grapevine communications, you need to keep your audience entranced and talking.

By talking, I mean conversing.

Dish out some nice topics. Pick out questions for them to answer. Engage them in contests and prizes up for grabs. Not only will this keep them interested on your event, they might even use your event as a tool to meet up and converse some more.

Tip 5: It’s time to plant the social seeds

The magic key to opening up your social media experience and making actual good use of it is being a social butterfly. Yes, my friends, if you’re going to use social media as a means of spreading the news of your event, you need to be socially active on these sites.

Why, you ask?

It’s because it is the very foundation where you’ll build your event. You have start somewhere and of course, the closest ones to talk about an upcoming event would be your friends and family who are usually willing to share your special news with their friends and acquaintances. It’s a ripple effect, and you can’t have a nice ripple if you don’t throw a stone in the water first.

There you go you party planning aspirants, five starter tips on how pomote your party or event with social media. So what are you waiting for? Time is running out, grab those social butterfly wings and fly!

elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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