Posting too much content on social media – when enough is enough?

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Posting too much content on social media

Posting content is serious business. It is a delicate balance of self expression, promotion and random interesting yet seemingly related things that could engage interest and boost engagement for your followers as well as reel in some new ones. But before you take in this topic we need to bust some myths first.

Mythos #1: Too much will kill you

Okay, first thing you need to know that while multiple posts can get irritating. It can only be irritating if you are. This means overly self-promoting yourself. Low quality content. Rants. People would not report you or label you as spam if you continue to belt out content that they will find interesting or entertaining.

No one would unfollow you. No spam reports will flood in. And most off all, your engagement and reach will flourish instead of withering like a leaf in a desert.

Mythos #2: Facebook is evil and wants to destroy us

Another is this notion that Facebook is only for the money and doesn’t give an inkling of interest for you. Okay, technically, this is sort of true. Hey, it’s a tough business we run here. However, please note that the new newsfeed algorithm is actually helpful. It helps by making our posts reach the right people. The target interested audience which would the decrease the amount of false followers.

So, multiple posts do not necessarily inflict damages on your social media, it’s more on content therefore, it’s is best to provide a bit of variety in your posts. And as stated earlier, it is a delicate science of timing coupled with business instincts that would not make you look like an annoying spammer.

More importantly, it’s also about ratio and proportion. Here are some ways to help with that.

The Power of Three will set you free

This method is quite simple. Just divide up your content equally into three categories. There is the personal one, which is about you as a person and original content. There is the content you take or repost from others and the one which more along the lines of brand building via personal interactions.

Perfect 10: TA McCann Formula

This formula applies to every 10 posts and is not meant to be a daily quota. One thing to remember is that you do not and should not force yourself to spit out posts unless you page is literally dying from the lack of updates and content.

So you basically divide it up in a ratio of 5-3-2. This is quite a good blend, allowing you to give your followers a balanced variety of things. For every ten posts there should be five posts from other people, three original content and two personal updates to show them that you’re actually human.

555+ Guide: A bit of extra goes a long way

A rather unique yet effective approach on giving your followers a balanced view of your website or blog. It shows that it’s not only about you or the brand but them as well. It is akin to the 5-3-2 formula only it uses the 555 ratio. This means that there will be five updates on you and your brand, five updates from other people and five response posts. Add in a bit of personalized randomness and you are good to go.

There you go, some of the best ways to monitor and divide the content you need to show. Now, I’m not saying you should stop self-promotion all together. In fact, if your content is interesting and valuable, people would barely notice the self-promotion. It’s okay to give out promotions, just learn to taper and polish it before posting.


There you go – now you know when posting too much content on social media is bad news!

elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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