Podcasts to Promote Business – 5 benefits of using them

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Podcasts to Promote Business

If you have your own business, you probably also have a website, Facebook page and Twitter account, to name a few. But should your business have a podcast? Should you use podcasts to promote business?

Let’s begin by clarifying what a podcast is: Podcasts are digital media files (usually audio), which are produced in a series. Fans and listeners can subscribe to a series of podcasts and once they are subscribed, they can periodically check for new files that have been published. The great thing about producing a podcast is that the files can be automatically downloaded to subscribers’ computers, phones or other portable music players for them to listen to or watch whenever they want. One of the best things about podcasts is that it has become a more convenient way to consume content, as opposed to tuning in live.

Benefits of podcasting for business include the ability to:

Market Yourself
Podcasts can be used as a marketing tool to distinguish yourself from your competition. By producing a podcast, you can establish yourself as an expert in your field. Podcasts are relatively new to many sectors, and producing a podcast about your niche may allow you to become recognized as the expert and go-to person for your field.

Connecting to Build Loyal Customers
When people listen to your voice, they connect with you in a way much stronger than print advertising or written words. Listeners can feel the speaker’s emotion, understand their personality and after time, even feel that they know them. The connection made with podcast listeners can be important for building a loyal audience or customer base. It’s a powerful way to share your message.

Use Podcasts for Advertising
Creating a podcast is relatively inexpensive. Therefore, it becomes a great option for advertising. Not only that, but listeners subscribe to receive your podcast which means that you have a higher chance of reaching your target customer. With strong content you can use podcasts to promote your services, products and business to the right people without much work.

If at this point you’re thinking that this is something you can do for your business, great! But first, here are some things to remember:

  • Producing a podcast requires time – it is a commitment. You must be committed to producing podcasts on a consistent basis. Aim to produce or release a new podcast for your listeners at least once a week.
  • Stick to your brand – your podcast, Facebook, website, blog and Twitter account should work together to promote content and reflect your brand. Use your other social media sites to promote your upcoming podcast or remind subscribers to download or listen to the newest podcast.
  • Lecture or talk show? Choose a format for your podcast that works for you. One popular style is in the form of a ‘lecture’, where you can address questions or provide relevant information about your business, products or services. Another is to mimic a ‘talk show’ style, in which the conversation seems to evolve and is more informal. Find a style that you are comfortable with and that works for your business. And again, stick to it.

Podcasting is a simple and powerful way to communicate the ideas and messages of your business to a focused audience. You can potentially reach anyone with an Internet connection allowing your reach and influence to be global. In the end, any form of exposure is good for business.

What do you think? Are ‘podcasts for business’ good for business?

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elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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