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Pinterest Smart Feed

Updates, you either hate them or grow to love them. I say grow, because despite all the great things updates can open up, there is the grueling and sometimes annoying task of getting used to it. Take Pintrest for example. It has launched an update known as Pinterest Smart Feed, where instead of seeing a chronological order of posts in your feeds, you’ll get to see posts that are not only catered to your interests but it is of high quality as well. And by high quality, I mean, it’s pretty and popular.

The Smart Feed’s algorithmic basis is not only pin and source quality but of ratings as well, granted that this feature may not really appeal to everyone but it’s a great way for you to discover new things and of course, motivate yourself to pin up great material.

Here are some tips:

  1. Beautification

Let us not delude ourselves. There is that inner aesthetic in all of us craving for beauty. Pretty pins get more attention than average ones. And right now, with the prospect of quality and ratings, everyone needs to up their game and invest a bit more effort in their posts.

One way to up your game, aside from giving your audience great pins, you can give your pin an extra oomph by tailoring them to the Pintrest layout. Tall and vertical is in. More specifically, an image with a ratio of 2:3 to 1:3:5.

Simple right?

Also for those dabbling on the typography scene, make your text visible not only on the big screen, but on the mobile as well.

  1. Word Caution

People are here for the pictures, not the needless block of words you have the audacity to call a description. Here’s a bitter pill to swallow, people on Pintrest (no matter how much they try to deny it) do not like to read too much.

Therefore, it is best to keep things short, simple, but nice enough to give your image that poetic and artsy touch. Words are powerful things but you already have a picture worth and a thousand of it, use them well.

Another to keep in mind it to avoid hashtag abuse, keep it relevant and around seven hashtags maximum. And no, I do mean it is okay for you to make long sentences out of it. Stick to the standard keywords and SEO techniques. You could also try altering the image or file name of the picture you post to make it easier to find.

  1. State your source

Have your teacher ever asked you that gut wrenching question, ‘what’s your source’? And you answer, ‘Wikipedia’. Yeah, that kind of disastrous faux pas that led you down to the dark road of lack of credibility and doubt. Same with Pintrest, you need to link in quality sources that are not only trustworthy but interestingly helpful as well.

  1. The Big Button

“OOOOHHH, what does this button do?” If you still remember this quote, your childhood was awesome. Anyways, let’s talk about buttons. To be more specific, it’s about placing the ‘Pin It’ button or widget on your blog posts to make it easier for people to share your works.

  1. The Social Construct

Some of you may be groaning at the screen right now. Yes, there is such the need to socialize with people if you want to be popular. It is a standard requirement that you are not overly adverse to human socialization.

But then again, considering the medium you’re aiming to use, I see nothing wrong with you trying to go an extra mile on being friendly and keeping tabs on what your followers are interested in as well as what’s trending.

There you go, some tips on how to up your promoting skills on Pintrest Smart feed. Don’t let the update discourage you with all the competition. Look at it in a better light, fire up some motivation and do better than ever. Work for it. Earn it.

elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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