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You thought Pinterest was just a place where bored college kids spent their evenings looking up memes? Well think again! With the right approach, Pinterest can actually be used to help promote your business. How, exactly, is this done? Read our guide on how to use Pinterest Places for business benefit.

With the help of the one and only Pinterest Places: a handy little feature that allows you to add a map of pinned locations to any of your boards. Here are some business ideas for Pinterest Places to get you started:

Where are you?

The easiest way for Pinterest Places to promote your business is by simply pinning all of your company locations onto the map. For companies that are way too big to possibly pin every location (think McDonalds or Walmart), there’s a little wiggle room to be creative. These big companies could, for example, make a different board for each country, or only pin their highest-income locations.

Show off your connections

Does your company sell unique products purchased or originating from around the world? Then advertise this through a Pinterest board! Pinterest Places would here give you a whole new advertising tactic. Pin all the locations where your products were created, along with pictures of those countries’ culture and landscapes. This simple board will make your business seem more connected and appear ready to conquer the world.

Locate your customers

People interested in your business will want to know whether you’re local or on a bigger scale. By pinning the locations of all the clients you’ve worked with, you accomplish two things. First, you can personally keep track of where your customers are located. And secondly, Pinterest users who look at your board will see the geographic scale your company has covered.

But what about the local businesses? These small companies could instead make a map of where all of their customers are originally from rather than where they currently live. This gives a much greater potential to your map. It also can create a sense of community among your customers: something all businesses thrive on.

Personalize based on customer locations

Companies operating on a global scale know that their customers in Canada have different interests than customers in Miami. One way to accommodate this: first, make a map of all the current locations of your customers. Then add pins with tips and suggestions regarding your product, specific to each location. For example, a coffee shop would advertise their newest hot chocolate for those in Canada, but their newest iced mocha for those in Miami.

Show your local love

If you have a business with only a few locations spread across a country or state, then this last tip is perfect for your marketing. For each pinned spot on the map, created a pin with a local picture and information about that specific location. (Think a tourist’s travel brochure.) Customers love when they can identify personally with a business. Including this board would prove to them that your company is run by real people who care about the city or state they operate in.


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elena Sciberras

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