Persuade with confidence – tricks for your landing pages

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persuade with confidence

You probably spend a large amount of your budget on your landing pages – from their design and advertising, landing pages can use a lot of your marketing money and time. That’s because they are so important, leading to clickthroughs, sales and income. If your landing pages aren’t leading to clickthroughs it means you aren’t making sales or generating income. It also means that the valuable dollars you are spending on your landing pages are being wasted.

Landing pages are the first glance at what you’re trying to sell a visitor. You must persuade them in order to lead to conversion – to clickthrough the landing page and buy, or sign up, or watch, or whatever your goal is. More often than not, however, people are afraid to use powerful methods of persuasion to get conversions from their landing pages.

Do not fear! Follow these 3 easy tricks for your landing pages so that you can persuade with confidence.

1) Get them to say YES.

Getting high conversions are ultimately about getting visitors to say yes to your landing page. This means that they like your message and want to buy what you’re selling. So, if you want them to say yes to your conversion offer start by getting them to say yes to other things first.

Start with something small. Statistically, getting them to say yes to something small will lead to the bigger yes of the conversion action. You can easily start the smaller yes with a headline that speaks to the desires that visitors can agree with.

By creating this yes mindset you will also establish a positive atmosphere. So visitors will be more likely to continue to say yes to what you are offering.

2) Be dominant.

That isn’t as bad as you think. Being dominant is often considered a negative technique to persuade people, but it doesn’t have to. In the case of your landing pages, being dominant is about design.

The design of your landing page can establish your dominance through employing the design elements of size and simplicity. Make the design elements of your landing page large. (In this case bigger really does mean better.) For example, using big headlines or graphics. Dominance can also be established with the words you use – try ‘dominant’ words like “powerful”, “extreme” or any type of command that tells your visitors to do something.

Then, keep the conversion factors simple. By keeping the key conversion factors simple you are driving visitors to a single message. This means you aren’t overpowering them so you are more likely to compel them with your single message.

Being dominant in the case of your landing pages is about getting to your visitor in the most effective way. Using these two tricks, size and simplicity, in the design of your landing page will establish dominance and help to successful persuade any visitors to your landing page.

3) Use pictures of real people.

Not only are we, as humans, drawn to visuals but we relate to other people. The connection we make with people is easy because we have experience with them through building relationships, falling in love or admiring someone we look up to. This basic principal can be used on your landing page by quickly establishing a human connection with your visitor by using a picture of a real person.

Two of the top design elements that are effective at drawing our eye are faces and bodies. By using a picture of real people you are using both of these elements to create a positive experience from the visitor’s first impression of your landing page. These type of images will begin the relationship of trust between you and your visitor.

No need to worry about whether you should use pictures of men or women – that you use images of real people is the key. This is a simple but very effective persuasion trick that can quickly improve your landing page conversions.

Persuasion isn’t something complication or a mysterious knack that only some people have. On the contrary, persuasion is about keeping it simple and being straightforward. You can persuade with confidence by using these 3 easy tricks for your landing pages.

elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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