Organic Facebook reach is not dead – and you can still grow it

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organic facebook reach is not dead

You must have noticed it by now. Maybe even suspected it during its early phases where you just brushed it off thinking you’re just being paranoid. Hate to break it to you but, you’re not. Organic Facebook is on the brink of dying, but good news is that, it’s not dead yet. Act fast and you might just be able revive it and make your reach grow. Here are some tips.

#1: Invest and Expand

One of the reasons why it’s hard to get into people’s news feeds nowadays is that there’s just too much going on in Facebook that you can’t exactly expect your post to reach its desired audience with the simple act of posting because certain posts take priority. Therefore, if you want to increase your chances, it’s advisable that you try to invest in paying facebook to make your posts more visible than others.

Not a willing investor? Well, worry not, you could always try expansion. By expansion, I mean using other social networking sites like Google+ and Twitter, just to name a few. I’m not saying to just go and declare abandon ship, I’m saying that you add another ship to sail so that you could reach even more people, this time, outside of Facebook.

#2: Become a social butterfly

Amp up your socialization powers if you want to expand your reach. You could start off by asking friends to share certain posts or asking people for their opinions on things regarding your post. This will encourage interaction, and the more they interact with you, the more likely will your posts get through their feeds.

Another strategy is putting a face on your company like including some behind the scenes during your company trips or simple moments in the office that made you all laugh and thought to share it with other people. This gives your company a certain humanness feel to it. It makes you look genuine and sincere.

You don’t necessarily have to do this so suddenly. It’s okay to bit your time if you’re a bit shy, but remember the main purpose of Facebook is for social interaction, use it to your advantage.

#3: Join the creatures of the night

Most people would say that the best time to post stuff on Facebook is during the peak hours where everyone’s awake and buzzing with talk and intrigue. After all, if you want your posts to be seen and not ignored, you need to post it when the people you’re reaching out to be awake and interested.

However, believe it or not, posting during peak hours is not that advisable. It’s actually better for you to post when everyone is asleep or offline. That way, your posts gets prioritized and gets through the audience’s newsfeeds because of less traffic. The suggested posting time is during the early mornings, like two in the morning.

#4: Practice a bit of rationing

All is good when in moderation. You need to balance your posts. Sure, socializing is all good and dandy but don’t lose your eye on the prize. This is business. You’ve expanded your reach, now it’s time to turn those found under your radar from the interested kind of audience into the buying kind. A good organized way of regulating your posts is using the 10-4-1 method recommended by Mike Gingerich.

In this method, you post 10 interesting fun social posts, 4 brand related post, and 1 post that will be your sales pitch. This method helps you maintain your page’s social standing as something entertaining and helpful without compromising you business.

#5: To Poke or not to Poke

After everything you’ve done and researched, you must know that you need your posts to elicit responses. Make your audience talk. Encourage them to voice their thoughts and opinions. Give them a good enough reason why they should click that button and share you to the rest of their circle of friends.

Getting a response it a vital key when in it comes to maintaining the range of your reach. Responses and interactions keep things alive and going, just make sure you elicit the right kind of response. Do not compromise your reach and the integrity of your business by posting something stupid and pointless. Basically, post good and interesting content that won’t get you flagged and bashed along the way.

There you go, simple tips on how to keep your organic Facebook growing. And one friendly reminder before I go, reach is not everything when it comes to business. Reach is there to keep people informed of your business and company but it is up to you convince them why they should buy and invest in the services you offer.

elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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