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Ontraport Office Autopilot

Ontraport Review,  Email, CRM and Business Automation

Looking for an ALL-IN-ONE Business Solution?

Ontraport (as it’s now called after it changed its name from Office Autopilot)
Is an online application that allows you to automate your entire business!
It’s made up of several core components with a whole set of surrounding features and tools.
• A CRM ( Effectively a List of Leads, Clients, and Contacts)
• A Powerful Email System for sending out mass targeted emails to your List
• A Web Page and Form Building System that allows you to create forms and pages for your site.
• An Affiliate system allowing you to create affiliate deals you can get others to promote.
• A WordPress connector that allows you to control Members Areas of your site.
• Sales Pages and Payment Integration so your can setup products, upsells and more.
• Advance Tracking tools for tracking your prospects movements on your site and pages.
• Staff.
• Build in A/B Split Testing on Emails, and Pages.
• A Versatile automation System that allows you to Pre define just about anything within the system. (emails, Contacts, SMS, Reminders, Access to you website, well anything)

It’s a pretty big box of tricks and allows you to automate so many things that any business with a website could create, automate and track their progress.
To watch the videos of what it does, click HERE

But is it any good?

There are several all in one solutions out there, the primary competition to Ontraport being “Infusionsoft” and daily I speak to people who are ditching one for the other claiming that it’s time to move.
This basically underlines that NONE of the all on one solutions are the best in all possible ways.
I’ve heard grumblings about Ontraport’s Tracking, email deliver-ability ranging from terrible right through to amazing!
But from my own point of view using it for some of my sites I’ve found it pretty stunning.
I’ve created some sizable email lists, web page forms in minutes which I’ve scattered around different sites and landing pages.
I’ve setup their Autopilot scripts to create email sequences, rank my site visitors, and sent out sms’s to their mobiles based on their behavior.
I’ve also connected it to every WordPress site I have so it tracks the movements of all my visitors and can allow them or deny them access to different parts of the site.


You setup a form on Ontraport, paste the code on your site, and have people registering in to your list. I then setup in the form that people will automatically be tagged with the correct tags (so I can sort them later) and subscribe them to my newsletter sequence (which is a series of 10 weekly newsletters each timed for 1 week apart).
If any of the subscribed people go to my site and start looking at the product page, I can automatically subscribe them to my product offer email sequence which offers those discounts.
Then with a page I created in Ontraport I give them special officer and even an up sell form which allows me to sell them an upgrade to their purchase.
All the while I’m lead scoring each person based on their site interaction, building up a list of tags on that person based on the pages their visit and adding them to relevant email sequences that give them the correct info.
For me this software possibilities are endless and amazing.

Easy Integrations

Ontraport has an open API that any reasonable programmer should be able to interact with, but for those who want to connect it to other things directly it easily integrates with:-

• Leadpages (Landing Page Software) – Click Here to See Leadpages in action.
• Lots of Credit Card Companies (Including Paypal)
• One Shopping Cart
• WordPress (through its Pilotpress Plugin)

The Down Sides

Ontraport have been known to let you down on the tracking side, however this seems to be on the mend and doesn’t seem to be happening often.
As well as this if you’re running a professional affiliate program, then there are way better affiliate management platforms out there, like “Has Offers” for example that specialise.

Another major downside for me is that the primary currency support is USD (however apparently it is possible to use other currencies in 1shopping cart which Ontraport Direct integrates with.


While the minimum monthly spend can be high for some home based businesses, the feature set is massive and this software can replace a variety of other subscriptions for a price which is way below the competition. The affiliate side of the platform is a little basic at this stage which may force more serious players to get their own specialist affiliate program.
Overall I love and use this software ever day of the week.

While I’m busy working on my next idea, Ontraport is busy sending emails, tracking responses, adding new leads, making sales, and following up on those sales to keep customer satisfaction!

Thanks Ontraport for saving me a stack of extra salaries and an hours per day of my life.

Check out Ontraport for yourself HERE

Jamie Mather

Jamie Mather

A Social Media and Marketing Expert. Jamie has built online businesses over the last 15 years in UK, Europe, USA, Russia and SE Asia. A Speaker Presenter and Trainer with a wide Offline and Online Knowledge his passion is helping Entrepreneurs, Small and Medium Businesses get the smart edge in this high tech marketing world. Drop him a line.

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