Why Online Quizzes, Surveys and Questionnaires work and how to get one for your site

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Online Quizzes, Surveys and Questionnaires

Online quizzes, surveys and questionnaires work and they are a great source of feedback. Keep reading to find out why they work and how to get one for your site.

You can’t know the answer if you don’t ask the question. Quizzes, surveys and questionnaires can offer many simple but effective business solutions. There’s no need to sweat when you hear the word quiz or test anymore. For business, these types of evaluations can be very valuable in finding out what people know about your business, what consumers want and to retain satisfied customers. They can also generate interest and exposure to your brand and products. Most importantly, to know if you are producing effecting marketing content, you need feedback, to know what people really think about it.

Why they work.

Lead Generation: Quizzes, surveys and questionnaires seem to consistently generate consumer engagement. Marketing teams can use this to for lead generation with a form at the end. This form is usually tied to an incentive of some sort, like a contest. This has a good submission rate and can create solid lead generation for your marketing team.

Get Quantitative Data: Do not ask open ended questions on your quizzes, surveys and questionnaires. The fastest way to get the data you want from people’s responses is to ask closes questions. The results will be structured making the analysis of your results fast.

Creating Satisfied Customers: Informed customers have fewer problems and are more satisfied. Using quizzes, surveys and questionnaires to measure the needs of your customers can allow you to address the issues and areas your company is lacking in. In this way, your business can minimize customer issues and maximize customer satisfaction.

How to get one.

Have quizzes, surveys and questionnaires embedded into landing pages on your site. There are several platforms that can be used to do this. They usually generate a line of html code that can be pasted into your site. This can be done on your main site or blog. It can also be effective to embed quizzes, surveys and questionnaires into email newsletters and email campaigns. Do a Google seach, check WordPress plugins or talk to your web-developer to find the best solutions for your particular situation.

Facebook is also a platform for shorter surveys and questionnaires. Although you may not be able to ask as many questions, it should not be overlooked due to the millions of users that would have access to your surveys.

The success rate of having your quizzes, surveys and questionnaires completed (and questions answered thoughtfully) will be higher if you invite customers to compute the survey at the most opportune moment. On your site, don’t invite someone to complete a quiz, survey or questionnaire before they have had ample time to with the content. In your email newsletters and other email marketing campaigns, only invite people occasionally. Being bombarded with invitations to complete surveys and quizzes will have the reverse effect and may affect results.

Next time you want to find out what your customers really think, try adding online quizzes, surveys and questionnaires to your marketing strategy. It can create valuable feedback to create more effective strategies for your business. So go on, ask away!
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elena Sciberras

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