Nurture your online connections

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Nurture your online connections

Looking for a bit of loving? A bit put out that you’re being ignored while others get to have fun with their wider reaches and connections? Getting yourself promoted – not in the office drone sense – can be hard. This is especially applicable for those who are just starting out fresh and wet behind the ears. However, don’t stress too much because we have the right ingredients to remedy your malfunctioning spotlight. Well, that got your attention. As mentioned, promoting yourself is hard and it has a tendency to grate on being borderline narcissistic if done way too much. The cure? Instead of promoting me, myself and I, try promoting they and them.

Ingredient #1: Sincerity

People can smell dishonesty and fake praise a mile away. You need to sincerely and genuinely like the post or blog. You need to promote something you like because it’s easier for you to come up with good content rather than basically gritting your teeth as you move to click the post or share button.

Aside from the basic concept of sharing, you could also contribute via comments and suggestions. Socialize a bit and let your personality shine. It requires you a bit of effort but you can make connections easier that way because you unconsciously give off the I-actually-care vibe for them to latch on.

Ingredient #2: Proactivity

Do some anticipatory promoting. It’s good to nurture promos of others, this is especially nice if you’ve been promoting them for some time. It makes a blip on their screen. It makes you visible in a good way. Take note that you do the promotions out of genuine interest not out of obligation therefore, you need to share and promote their stuff without being asked or told to.

Ingredient #3: Generosity

With all these promoting of others, I bet you’re starting to wonder about your end of the bargain and start to become hesitant in promoting others. You start to get thoughts of them stealing your traffic and audience and you’ll be left with nothing but cobwebs.

Don’t be like that.

They are not direct competitors. They are not selling the same stuff as you do. They are not a rival to compete against. They are blogs that you actually admire and maybe even look up to. Nurturing your digital influence won’t be met if you keep thinking with such selfish mentality.

Now, mix them all together to form your promotions. Add in the secret ingredient called consistency (what, it’s not a one-time deal you know) and karma and you’ll have these happily nurtured blogs and their followers promoting and checking you out you in turn. Just don’t expect all of them to do it.


elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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