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blog post ideas

We’ve all had those days when your brain just doesn’t want to function. And as a result, you can’t for the life of you think of a blog post idea. Well for those slow-minded days, we’ve compiled a list of ten ideas and tips to follow to get your blog posts back on track. Read  our guide on how to never run out of blog post ideas.

1. Write a how-to post

Everyone knows how to accomplish at least something that others don’t. Use this to your advantage here and write a step-by-step how-to post on what you know how to do well! Examples could include how to renew a passport, take a picture, or even how-to write an excellent blog post (which could be very entertaining with the right use of satire).

2. Ask your readers a question

You don’t even have to answer the question, just pose a good one. Give your personal opinion on the question and lots of background information on it. Then ask your readers to comment and give their personal opinion as to the answer. Done correctly, this could even lead to future blog posts involving a debate.

3. Research something

If you have a little free time, then use it now to research some topic you have an interest in and reveal those results in a blog post. Then again, if this is too much work you can also compile research results already found. Assemble these together into an article or summary of findings (reporting your references, of course).

4. Make a list

Not only are they easy to write, but people are also more likely to read information if it is in the form of a list!

5. Interview someone

Everyone has a story to tell, whether they’re influential or not. Make a point to interview a person either by appointment, or catching up with an old friend or community member. You may be surprised what you can find out just by asking!

6. Write a review

Read an awesome book lately? Seen an awful movie, heard a brilliant new album? Share your opinion on it! Our media-obsessed world loves reading this type of blog post. And also, sharing your own thoughts and opinions is always incredibly quick and easy to do.

7. Be a storyteller

If something embarrassing has happened to you lately, or even something amazing, then use your blog post as a way to tell everyone about it. Even if you heard a great story lately from a friend or family member, with their permission, the whole world can hear the legendary tale through your blog.

8. List of links

Whether it be funniest YouTube videos, best memes, or greatest sports moments, a list of links to the top 10 of any of these is always fun to read. Add descriptions and your own personal opinions to the links to inspire comments that could lead to future blog posts.

9. Current event post

Scan the headlines of a world news site, or even the old-school daily newspaper, to find a current event of interest to you. Then you could either give your opinion on the event or research it a bit to give your blog readers some quality information on the topic. Another idea: instead of elaborating on one event, make a list of the top 5 currently occurring in the world.

10. Give a rant

This last idea is possibly the most fun blog to write: a rant. Whether it be politically grounded or against the latest celebrity scandal, give us your full opinion! Get every little detail off your chest. But whatever you do, don’t come off as pretentious. Make sure to title your blog post and make it clear that it is a rant, while also making the tone light, satirical, and not too serious. After all it’s a rant, which no one wants to read if it’s not coated in sarcasm!

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elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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