All you need to know about using videos in email

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Here’s a naturally accepted assumption. People love videos. Apart from its entertainment value, it gives us a bit of education and inspiration as well. Why do you think websites like YouTube got so famous? However, other than the aforementioned perks of videos did you know that videos can be sent via email and be used as a marketing tool? No? Well, now you know. Read this article to learn all you need to know about using videos in email

So why email? Aren’t ads and the usual marketing stuff enough to improve one’s conversions rates and income? Well it’s not that it’s not enough, it’s more along the lines of, the possible improvements you could make by adopting this rather new method of marketing, like a 44% rise in your online sales for example. No, this is not an exaggeration.

Yes, admittedly, using a video in an email, is not really that in yet. But, here’s the thing, popularity isn’t always a good thing. It can become overused and passé. Trying or doing something new can help boost your business’ unique qualities, giving it a more original and human feel to it. It’s more personalized, making the viewers see you, the seller, not just a marketing blob hidden behind the fancy webpage and products.  

Another perk in using videos is the basic fact that more people are easily drawn to it. As mentioned earlier, people love it. In modern society, people usually just give ads a once over and move on, and whether we accept it or not, reading through ads or business articles is not something a person would make as a hobby. But videos? It’s easier to convince a person to watch one rather than read something awe inspiring. (Wait, please don’t go!)

In addition, it’s pretty cost effective once you managed to get the hang of it and all those rise in conversion rates, site clicks and online buyers makes it all worth it. Video presentations work quite well with training courses, product demos, promotions as well as customer testimonials. Now, if you’re still interested, let’s all carry on shall we.

There are three common ways to use a video in an email:

1. Embedding

This will basically make the video play directly inside the email making it quite convenient. This is compatible with IOS devices, not Outlook, Apple Mail and Thunderbird 13. I know what you’re thinking, what about Gmail, Yahoo Mail and all the others?

Here’s the downfall of embedding, they’re not supported by Google and Yahoo!. Why am I paying close attention to these two? It’s because Google has 40% of the webmail market share while Yahoo has 21% which basically makes 51% of your market unable to watch the embedded video.

However, there is also the advent of ActiveMail which is a program that enables you to view videos in your email. It’s easy to download and is compatible with emails from Google, Yahoo!, Outlook and even Hotmail.

2. Use of .gifs

We see them in 9gag. We see them in Tumblr. But in emails? No, not really. But we like them anyway right? They’re entertaining, short yet long enough to tell a story. You could make one as a summarized teaching guide through your website. If you’re up to it, you can make your video into a .gif by using those GIF generators. Another good alternative is to make into a link to a video.

This method has a wider range of compatibility, Gmail and Yahoo are of course included. So if you want to give videos in emails a try, .gifs are not bad.

3. Static Images

Don’t want to be bothered by incompatibility risks? Try this. Instead of watching the video directly in the inbox, the person is directed to another site mostly likely the owner’s webpage or even YouTube via the static image link.

A word of caution, even though it’s easier to just post your videos on YouTube, you won’t be able to easily raise your conversion unlike when the video is in your own webpage. This also applies if the video is in the receiver’s inbox.  

Now, that we’ve established the methods, it’s time for some tips because what self-respecting guide doesn’t offer tips.

Just remember the word, KISS. Keep it sweet and simple. By sweet, it has to be entertaining enough to keep the watcher’s attention, boredom is not allowed. You have like two to five minutes maximum, entertain your audience. Also, don’t forget to be all creative and unique while presenting, people love that thing.

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elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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