Nasty Comments – 5 Ways to Deal with Them

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nasty comments and how to deal with them

Nasty comments are a big problem for anyone who is heavly involved in social media and online marketing. Every blogger, vlogger and Intagramer knows that there are always people who will try to ruin you post with nasty things they have to say. Learn how to deal with them the best way possible and always be a winner.

Social media has transformed the way people connect, communicate, network and maintain relationships. But, influence of social media is not limited to these; it has brought about a bigger revolution. Social media and Internet has empowered Internet users and given them a platform to express their views, thoughts and opinions. But not all thoughts posted online are positive or motivating. In fact, proportion of negative feedbacks and nasty comments is higher. Though you cannot go ahead and control what somebody else has posted, negative comments surely hamper your day and mood. The effect of negative comments is even higher if they are targeted towards your business or service as it raises questions about quality, brand and trustworthiness of your product.

Negative comments can appear anywhere. From Facebook page to Twitter post, blog to ecommerce website and other online platforms where people connect with each other. Handling negative feedback requires skill. You cannot appear too aggressive but cannot let go easily too. You need to know how to deal with trolls and prevent them from disrupting your followers and supporters. Here are 5 simple ways of dealing with nasty comments online.

  • People giving nasty feedbacks, usually, do not have any personal grudges with you. They may be bitter individuals who treat everyone same way as you, so do not get aggressive. Maintain your cool and first try to understand if the comment has some value or not. If there is no significance or value, it is better to unpublish the comment.
  • Most negative comments online come from users who are bored and use comments to create a troll and amuse themselves. Remember, you cannot control an Internet troll neither win an argument over there. So, do not waste your time and efforts in arguing but do not leave them unanswered either. Frame a witty and creative answer that explains that the discussion is baseless and unproductive. State facts wherever possible and turn negative feedback to your support. Also, suggest on forming guidelines to deal with trolls, and you will surely find support from other members of that forum.
  • Apply moderation for comments before they are published. So, if a comment is too nasty, do not post it or delete it if it is already posted.
  • If the comment is about your product, do not get defensive completely. Remember, with the cut-throat competition, customer has become the king and has endless of options to choose from. So, instead of letting a comment break your relationship with the customer, try to use it to gain customer’s confidence and build a better relationship. If a customer has given a negative feedback, take time to analyze his problem and reply with a sincere apology and solution to his problem.
  • Just like you need to know how to respond to a negative comment, you should also know when not to respond. Sometimes, not responding is the best response as it prevents issues from gaining momentum. So, if a comment is not at all relevant, the best way to deal is to let go.

Remember, you should be able to decide which situation deserves your attention and which does not. Do not waste your time in responding to every negative comment or feedback that comes your way. Be smart and try to highlight positive comments and reviews you receive!

elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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