Master hashtags # with 5 easy steps

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Master hashtags

Hashtags are small links preceded by a sign # were first introduced by social media giant Twitter. Since long ago are widely used across many others social networking platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+. Learn how to master hashtags # in 5 easy steps with us!

 #Hashtags serve a purpose of grouping and organising posts that use certain words and sentences with hashtags for search purposes and trending. You can easily search relevant topics using hashtags and join trending conversation when using popular #. But what does it mean for business purposes?

First of all, the only thing you shouldn’t do with hashtags is to ignore them. The list of how they can help you is much longer. They can widen your audience, your content will reach more people, they help with branding, allow you to target certain market, get your content found, help with your SEO etc.

Step 1 – Create and use Brand, Product and Campaign hashtags for your business

Let’s say you have a coffee place in Manchester. Create a unique hashtag for your business name – for example #MarcosCoffeeManchester. You also happen to have a very popular cupcakes #MarcosCranberryCupcakes and #MarcosCoconutLatte. We would suggest checking the availability of a hashtag name across all the social media platforms you are going to use it on. Think of it as your brand’s signature. You can also create a specific hashtag for your campaigns like #MarcosFreeLatteFridayand ask your followers tweet it to win a free latte. Like this it will be easy for you to check how many people participated and choose a winner.

Step 2 – Use Trending hashtags to promote yourself

You can easily check which hashtags are trending at the moment and which topic is being popular in the world and/or in your area and use them to promote your business. Only one big word of advice here – choose only popular hashtags that makes sense and can really be related to your tweets. Using irrelevant hashtags will give you a reputation of a spammer and might even get your account suspended. Trends on Twitter can be found on the left side bar, in Google+ on “What’s trending” section, on Instagram it’s in the “Explore” section. Check trending hashtags daily but only use them sometimes when you can really think of a creative and relevant way to use it. Be quick and it’ll pay off.

Step 3 – Try Content hashtags

Contents hashtags are a bit simpler to use – they might not be as trendy and super-popular but they are safer to use and have large audiences. Location, lifestyle, event and product hashtags are a few examples of the content hashtags. As per our #MarcosCoffeeManchester probably one of the best and popular hangtags to use would be #Lattewhich is super-popular on both Twitter and Instagram.Do your search and see what you like yourself. For local businesses it’s very important to use the location tags – see which ones are most popular in your area.

Step 4 – Join important conversations in your business field

This step is less about promotion and more about finding business specific conversations with potential partners, suppliers, experts , big and successful players in your field, etc. There are hashtags like #SMB and #smallbiz where you can get resources, news, tips and tricks and see what’s going on in your field. There are many more specific business hashtags like #marketing and #sales.

Step 5 – Do not overuse

While all we said above teaches us the utmost importance of using hashtags, more often it’s even more important to remember not to use them too often. Never overload your tweets or posts with hashtags. It will make you look needy, unnatural and spam-like. 1-2 hashtags every few posts are ok, but don’t try to insert them into your every single post. Remember to keep your posts relevant and meaningful!



elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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