10 ways to make your social media posts more visible

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Make your social media posts more visible

Are you feeling a bit frustrated? Ignored? Possibly on the verge of giving up because your posts don’t get enough screen time and perhaps may not even reach your followers? Don’t be. In fact here are some tips to help boost your visibility in the social networking stage. Here are the 10 simple steps to make your social media posts more visible.

  1. Build a strong foundation

If you’re going to be using social media as a means for networking or marketing, one basic need is for you to gather up a steady base of followers. One way of starting is through your friends and family, you can start out by casually introducing your page or website then asking them to like or follow you. Depending on the structure of your relationship, there is a high chance of gaining loyal and steady followers and viewers through this method.

  1. Get the basics down

Okay, now that you got a steady base of followers, you need to keep your content at a well-established quality. Good or quality content is one of the basic essentials in not only gaining followers and likes but keeping them as well. Also, don’t forget to keep your content interesting and discussion worthy. Nothing boosts visibility more than engaging content.

  1. Custom Made

It is important to have target audience where you can focus your content on. While it’s good to have a variety of audiences, it’s better for you to focus on one target. After all, a man cannot save two masters. Also, by having a fixed focus, you can time your posts better in order to coincide with your main followers. That way, your posts get more visibility.

  1. Give out some eye candy

Pictures. Videos. Keep things visually appealing for the viewers. Words can only get you so far, so you need that extra glitter to make people want to read your content. Especially with this current fast-paced generation, you are more likely to gain attention by posting a picture or a video instead of a block of text people would just casually skim over.

  1. Simplicity is beauty

People are always in a hurry nowadays and it would be unlikely for them to spare a half-hour’s worth of reading for you. Learn to taper and simplify your content. Get straight to the point and be creative about it.

  1. Keep the communication flowing

A good way to give your posts a higher chance of screen time is to engage your followers into conversations. Give them interesting topics to talk about. Ask them questions, welcome their feedbacks. It feeds your page and visibility.

  1. Show some inspiration

Nothing to post? No awesome news to reveal? Basically out of ideas and nowhere to turn to. Well, allow me to introduce to you the magic of relatable inspirational quotes and pretty pictures. These babies right here are good fillers if you don’t have much to dish out. They’re also a nice way to present new ideas based on your business or product. Don’t worry so much in the possibility of posting the ‘wrong’ quote, just be yourself.

  1. Comedy is key

Being funny will get viewers. Being funny will get you followers itching to see what joke you had cooked up. Overall, there’s nothing bad about being funny and like those inspirational quotes and pictures, you can use random jokes and funny anecdotes to keep a bit of variety in your page or website.

  1. Find the missing link

Adding links is good for those long contents and videos are won’t really be appreciated if posted in a very long post or in poor quality. It’s also good when stating the sources you utilized for your content. One of the best ways in presenting a link is by posting a good photo of the topic and placing the URL on the caption below.

10. Don’t overdo it

Too much of anything is not really healthy. It’s important for you to maintain a balance in how much things you post. Don’t force yourself to have a rigid posting schedule. It’s important to keep things regular and the page alive but don’t go overboard.

There you go, did you like our 10 simple steps to make your social media posts more visible? Share your tips in the comments section below!

elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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