Make your images pinnable – just add “Pin it” button to your site

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make your images pinnable

Pinterest is becoming more and more popular especially in the female market and with all things related to beauty, fashion, travel and anything visually appealing. So naturally active pinterest users can be your prime audience and you probably should give them the opportunity to easily pin images from your site to their Pinterest boards.Learn how to bake your images pinnable  by simply adding “Pin it” button to your site.

This not only gets your images shared a lot but also gives references to your site/blog. Pin it button encourages shares much more than any social media buttons on the bottom, top or even the side of your page/blog posts. The button just calls people to start pinning and therefore sharing! It makes it so easy for people that if you have beautiful and compelling imagery on your site and put a pin it button on it, it will get much more virality. So how do you actually add the button to your site? Good news, there is no need to do anything with each image!

If you’re using WordPress platform for your site and blog it’s very easy as there are at least 2 popular and reliable plugins that you can use to make all your images pinnable.


Just go in the Plugins section of your WordPress admin installation and search for either of these plugins. the Pinterest Pin It Button For Images plugin or Pinterest Pin it button and install and activate the plugin. They are free and easy to use.


You can configure what type of images you’d like to become pinnable in the Settings section. It’s important to remember that if your site images have any kind of special effect settings in the theme it might not be very compatible and you will have to choose what is more important for you – to keep the special effects or to have “Pin it” buttons. We suggest trying both plugins and see which one might work better for your particular needs. And as they say – happy pinning!

elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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