How to make your site work faster?

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How to make your site work faster

Are you worried about how fast your site works? Or rather, how slowly it loads? Google has recently announced that when determining search engine ranks they factor in website speed. Everyone hates waiting for slow websites. While a 1-second load time may be your goal, if you can get your site to load in under 3 seconds, visitors will be happy. A slow site can also ruin your conversions and ultimately your revenue stream. If you’re looking for ways to make your site work faster, keep reading. I’ll share some basic tips with you on how to make your site work faster.

 Reduce the amount of files required to display your site

When you have a visitor to your website the corresponding files of your site must be sent to their browser. Ultimately this means that each file used to enhance your website design weakens its performance. An easy fix to get your site to work fast is to remove everything that is unnecessary. Because more often than not, the extra load time isn’t worth it.

 Make images as small as possible

Many people forget or simply don’t compress their images before they upload them to their website. Many images contain a lot of unnecessary metadata that can significantly increase the size of the image file. This means that if your site is image rich, by not compressing those images you are drastically reducing your load time. Don’t make this mistake. Also, only upload images to the size that is necessary. Some people make the mistake of uploading images larger than what is needed. Using resizing and compress functions is key!

Remove white space from your code

When you see html, CSS or Javascript code presented nice and orderly, it’s only that way to make it easier for us humans to read. In fact, your website server and your visitor’s browsers could care less what the code looks like (as long as it executes properly). All this extra whitespace in your code can make download times slower. So once the code is correct, your can make your site work faster by simply removing all that whitespacese a

Use CDN (Content Distribution Network)

A CDN, or Content Distribution Network, is a large system of servers used across multiple data centers. The goal of which is to serve users with high performance. By using a CDN for your site you can most effectively increase the speed of you site. Dollars spent on this development are well worth it. And your customers will thank you!

Zip and compress your website components Make sure that you compress files before your server sends them to users browsers. If you think about it, it’s obvious – smaller files will travel faster. This will translate in your site working faster for customers. GZIP Compression is something you need to do or hire someone to do. It’s an easy compression  procedure which is a simple, effective way to save bandwidth and speed up your site.

Make use of browser caching

Most people understand that websites cache files. Make use of this and set up your site so that it doesn’t require a customer’s browser to download another copy of static files each and every time they access your website. Instead, allow the browser to hold onto those files for a certain amount of time. When the files are needed again, it can be loaded directly from the browsers cache.

Are you going to try to work your way through all of these tips how to make your site work faster! There are more changes that you can make to your site if you dive deeply into the HTML coding. But by following these simple tips you will see an immediate difference in your site’s speed and performance. Now only that, but your customers were thank you (by spending money on your product or services).


elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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