Make your registration forms convert better

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make your registration forms convert better

Getting people to agree to click on your registration form is often a lot of work. But unfortunately, it is often only half the battle. Typical registration forms can ask for a lot of personal information that consumers may not want to share so quickly. That’s why high conversion rates come from complete trust between your company and the consumer, so they don’t feel like they’re signing their life away! To create this absolute trust, and to learn some other persuasive conversion techniques, here are 7 useful tips on how to make your registration forms convert better:

1. Offer Great Value

Why do most people come to the registration form in the first place? Usually, it is the promise of valuable information or offers. When asking people to register, make sure to showcase just how much value they’ll gain by registering. Make people feel like they’re entering an exclusive membership, filled with opportunities that they couldn’t get without completing registration.

2. Size Matters

No, but really, with registration forms the size has a huge impact on whether or not you’ll convert people. Asking them to give a ton of information, even if it’s simple questionnaire things like how they found your website, could scare off potential customers. Require only the bare minimum, like their email address and name, and your conversion rate will soar.

3. Tell Their Immediate Next Steps

The promise of long-term value is great, but immediate valuable results are even better. Provide an opportunity for subscribers that they can access immediately after finishing the form. Many websites have found the most success for this by including this next step right on the registration form, substituted for the ‘submit’ button. For example, if you want to register more bloggers then put in a ‘Start Blogging’ at the end of the form.

4. Watch What You Ask For

Requiring users to fill in a certain field on a registration form may seem like nothing to you, but could actually scare off tons of potential subscribers. The best example of this is asking for a phone number. It may seem like the most valuable and simple piece of information to you, but to a person who just gave you their email and birthday, it may seem like too much. Keeping the concerns of wary subscribers in mind can always bump up your conversion rate.

5. Give More Flexible Options

The biggest problem with registration forms is that they are a hassle. Try and avoid this by offering people the option to instead connect by signing in to a social media site, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. As an added bonus, this option can also give you insight as to which social network your customers most prefer. And if you still aren’t convinced, a recent survey showed that social logins like these can increase your registration conversions by 40%!

6. Get Rid of Distractions

It may seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised how many people choose to abandon registration forms because of online distractions. The registration form page should contain only the form, with no sign of any advertisements or other products they may be interested in. Your page should, however, clearly lay out your company registration policy or any other common concerns customers may be wondering about.

7. Don’t Be Format Picky

The more times a person has to attempt to complete the registration form, the more frustrated and likely to abandon it they’ll get. You can fix this by clearly highlighting which fields are required to be filled out. But also, make sure customers aren’t getting caught up by using a / instead of a – in the date, or other annoying formatting errors. Clearly provide an example like MM/DD/YYYY, and include links describing how to input certain information. The simpler you make the process for subscribers, the more conversion success you’ll have!

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elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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