How to make more online sales after the holiday boom is over!

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more online sales after the holiday boom

During the holiday season, people don’t act like they normally do. We are more generous, eat more, drink more, and most importantly, spend more. This is, of course, a dream come true for marketers and business owners.The only problem is on January 1st: when we plump and hungover people finally come to our senses. After the holiday boom, sales consistently take a nose-dive as consumers suddenly go to extremes to limit their spending. So how can you survive the holiday boom aftermath without going out of business? If you follow these practices, you’ll be sure to make just as many online sales after the holiday boom is over as you did before New Year’s.

 Use Your Greatest Weakness

This first tip is the most important: use the New Year spirit of fulfilling resolutions to your benefit. At this time of year, everyone wants to either get into shape, gain more control and organization in their life, or start a new hobby. All three of these things just so happen to be perfect opportunities to market! Consider what your business supplies, and out of that try to figure out what would sell to people eager to turn their lives around. The sales of exercise equipment, protein bars, musical instruments, cabinets and drawers (for New Year’s cleaning!) all should take a significant spike at this time of year. Focus your marketing on these types of items, and your online sales are off to a good start.

Release Something New

Most marketers have pulled out all the stops during the holiday season, only to finally take a break during January. How can you survive this? Set your business apart from those staying quiet and use this opportunity to release a new product. Not only will the customers’ attention go back to you instantly, but your competition will most likely be still recovering from the holiday boom.

The only downside to this is, you’ll need to start planning for the new product release during the already busy holidays. However, if you start this project early, say in October, you’ll be more than prepared to survive the holiday sales depression.

Have Yet ANOTHER Sale

If you thought tip #2 was painful, I imagine this one will make you cringe even more. But the cold hard truth is, if you want your online business to thrive rather than plummet after the holidays, this drastic action needs to be taken. So, get your employees ready for an after-holiday sale.

The easiest one to pull off is simply a clearance of all your holiday items (customers love clearance sales). You could also try offering free shipping, discounts for bulk purchases, or even throwing in a free gift for being such loyal customers.

 Use the Email Addresses

If you’ve done the holiday season right, that means by now you’ve collected a fairly decent list of customer email addresses that you can now use as a marketing tool. These people, most of the time reluctantly, have given you their email address and will most likely forget that they did within a month. So jump to it! Remind the customers of their business with you, and use the above three tips to get them to come back and purchase even more.

Keep Going!

It’s easy to get discouraged this time of the year, and accept the fact that your sales just won’t be as high during the new year months. But this is not the right attitude! Keeping your attitude positive and working just as hard as you did during the holiday season is what is going to save you from plummeting sales. Your customers are still out there, after all, you just need to remind them that you haven’t given up.

elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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