Make About us page selling not boring

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Make About us page selling

Believe it or not, one of the most visited pages on any company website is the About Us page. Unless your brand is some giant in the world of advertisement like Walmart, then odds are that people are curious just what your company is about. From the About Us page your potential customers form their initial opinion of your business, which is crucial to any future sales or success. Unfortunately, businesses rarely realize the importance of this page. Instead they throw together a summary that is generally, well, boring. Here’s a list of tips to follow to help your website to make About us page selling not boring.

Tell a Story

The first mistake most About Us pages make is that they are simply a stream of praise about the company. No one is going to believe that your company is great simply by someone telling them so. To really convince them how great your company is, tell success stories of your business. Include photos of real people and places, giving a true example of what your company has accomplished and is capable of in the future.

Give Them the Info They Really Want

Too many About Us pages say a lot, but without actually saying anything of worth. Give your customers proof that your company will satisfy their needs. For example, instead of talking about your “outstanding customer service record”, give the gathered statistics from a poll for what percentage of customers were satisfied with your business.

Answer possible questions

Also make sure to address any of the more crucial questions a customer may have about your business. Answer all of the most commonly asked questions made in customer service calls, so that they don’t have to go the extra mile to find out the important answers. You should also keep in mind which elements and information are most likely to prove to hesitant customers that your business has the best benefits for their money.

Give It a Human Voice

Customers will have no motivation to read through the whole About Us page if it sounds like a mindless, praising drone that most of these pages tend to be like. Write your content in a light, conversational voice that is easy for readers to relate to. You want to sell your company as something run by humans, who truly care about their jobs and their customers.

Include REAL Pictures

As tempting as it is, grabbing a typical stock image to add to your About Us page won’t help improve the page. Nearly everyone with a bit of internet experience nowadays is already an expert at spotting a boring stock image. Rather than add to your page, failing to use real photographs will make your company look phony and unprofessional. Try to use pictures of real employees, customers, or business accomplishments to add some depth to the page. But keep in mind: if you can’t find any worthy pictures, it’s better to just not have photos at all. Another trick to try: add promotional videos or advertisements, which are one of the most effective ways to communicate to customers your company’s value.

A Work in Progress

Your business is constantly evolving, so your About Us page should keep up! Any new additions to services offered, new certifications or awards achieved, or important projects accomplished should always be included. Providing recent information on your company page will also prove to your customers that your business is efficient and well organized.

Use an Outside Proofreader

As a long-term employee of a company (or maybe even an owner), it may be difficult to describe your company in terms an outsider would fully understand. You can overcome this by having a friend or family member, who knows absolutely nothing about your company, take a look at your About Us page and see if they have any unanswered questions. Make sure your temporary proofreader also gives you input on what would help to improve your written content, and the success of the page as a whole.

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elena Sciberras

elena Sciberras

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